September 24, 2023


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50 Fashion Tips From Personal Stylists — Style Secrets From Pro Stylists



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Fashion and style are not the same thing

“‘Fashion’ is the tangible clothes, the ones you see in stores, in magazines, and on celebrities. Style, however, is intangible. Style is how you take the fashion and interpret it into an outfit or look that makes you feel like you. It’s not all about the fashion or trends, but rather about accepting yourself, working with what flatters your figure, finding what tickles your fancy, and wearing what makes you confident.” —Laurie Brucker, certified image consultant, personal stylist, and speaker

Try this: Style can sometimes be an overwhelming concept, so start small. Look for well-made jewelry accents that excite you, and gradually work those elements into your broader look to achieve a sense of personal style. Browse low-key statement pieces until you find the one that seems just right for you, like this zodiac-inspired necklace from Sterling Forever. Speaking of the stars, check out our ultimate gift guide for every zodiac sign.

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Don’t hide—highlight

“Dress to show off your favorite areas and not to hide the ones you don’t love. We all have trouble areas, so choosing your outfit based on hiding behind your clothes is negative. Instead, focus on the areas you love, then dress them accordingly. Not only will you look great, but it will also help you appreciate the good things about your body instead of worrying about the ‘problems.’” —Brucker

Try this: Love your collarbones? Check out this designer top with a slightly wider-than-average neck at a fraction of its regular price from Marshalls. You’ll highlight the parts you feel most confident about while being more reserved about others. How else can you boost your self-esteem? By avoiding these 14 things confident people never do.

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