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With each new generation, new trends and fashions emerge. Though each style is distinct and memorable, not all hold up equally well over time. (Here, for instance, are some iconic fashion brands that no longer exist.)

Some people enjoyed the poodle-skirt-and-Bermuda-shorts aesthetic of the 1950s, while others still love the over-the-top colors, patterns, and hairstyles that were all the rage in the 1980s. Yet for many people, the style of the 1970s simply cannot be beat.

Fashion in the 1970s went so much farther than bell bottoms. Ruffled blouses, long flowing maxi dresses, and tye-dye characterized the decade. Menswear from the era typically featured wide lapels, bright colors, and previously uncommon materials like corduroy and velvet.  were also all the rage. Men and women alike wore floral patterns.

To find 60 photos that prove the 1970s had the best fashion, 24/7 Tempo chose a selection of images of fashion models, celebrities, and everyday people in the ‘70s, dressed for various contexts, from Getty Images. A majority of the people depicted are British, a reflection of the fact that the U.K. was an incubator for many fashion trends, beginning in the 1960s and continuing through the following decade. 

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It’s too soon to say if the 1970s fashion sensibilities will make a comeback, but there are some indications that the styles of an earlier time can still spark interest. Some young people with a nostalgic flair, for instance, have turned back the clock to the 1990s to find their outfits. Scrunchies, satin dresses, and straight leg jeans that first became en vogue 30 years ago are now fashionable with Gen Z. Who can say that the ‘70s won’t be next? (These are the fashion trends only 90s kids will remember


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