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Best Men’s Fashion Styles For Casino Night



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When it comes to visiting a casino for the first time, the process can be overwhelming. Several questions can pop up in your mind like what to wear and how to look best presentable. The casino industry is well known for being prestigious and the luxurious interior might force you to re-think your outfit.

Also judging from casino movies, everyone in a casino is either dressed in a tux looking sharp or is going for a business outfit.

There is no doubt that casinos have a luxurious look. From the red carpets to expensive chandeliers and lighting that is on another level. All of these things contribute to how you should dress for the night out.

Additionally, some casinos might have a particular dress code, and others give out more freedom for the visitors to wear what they want.

Dressing appropriately in a casino is crucial, whether you are playing a quick game of hot drop jackpots or just meeting a friend. With that said, we decided to highlight some of the things every man should consider when choosing what to wear on their next visit to a casino.

Rules of Thumb

Before we dig a bit deeper into the men’s outfit choices for a casino, let’s cross out some of the general rules of thumb you should consider. Even though not every casino has a dress code, there are certain unwritten rules that dictate what men could or couldn’t wear on a casino night out.

Avoid Wearing Flip Flops – Casinos are luxurious and wearing such an outfit doesn’t set you in the right place or time.

Sneakers are not meant for casinos – Even though there is a casual style in casinos, sneakers are not included.

Avoid Wearing Dirty, torn, or worn-out clothing – Crispness is crucial to looking presentable 

Casinos in the daytime are more casual than at night – Day trips to the casinos allow you to wear something more casual, compared to the night.

Accessing lounges or nightclubs – If you are planning a visit to the hotel nightclub or lounge, they might require a different dress code from the casino.

Men’s Dress Codes for Casinos

Before walking into a casino, it is best if you check out the dress code that might require you to wear a certain type of outfit. The dress code in each casino has different levels like business casual or black tie optional, depending on the level of the casino or the things prepared for the night.

Here are a few ideas about what men should wear on their next visit to the local casino.

White Tie

When we talk about the highest level of formality, sort of like James Bond movies, then we refer to the White Tie outfit. The best way to think about this outfit is as a “Full Tux and elegant look”, which is not mandatory for most casinos.

If you spot a White Tie dress code in your local casino, this means that you must wear a fitted black dress coat with tails and trousers, a white tux shirt with bib front, wing collars, shirt studs, and cuff links, white west, and white bow tie. The shoes should be black leather shoes like Oxfords.

This is the highest level of formality, and it is required only for special events in the casino.

Black Tie

A little less formal dress code is the Black Tie outfit, which is more common that the White Tie, but still not a popular choice by casinos. Such a dress code is typically reserved for evening events or VIP lounges.

The Black Tie outfit would require men to wear a dinner jacket (usually a shorter jacket with no tails) and matching trousers. The color is usually black, but some casinos might allow different colors such as burgundy or navy blue.

The next piece of the Black Tie outfit is the button-down collared shirt (white) and a regular or bow tie. You also need to wear black formal shoes and black socks.

Black Tie Optional

This is a less formal dress code than Black Tie and is more common in local casinos. Unlike the Black Tie outfit, you have not required to wear a suit, and it is acceptable if you only turn up in a button-down shirt with a tie, trousers, and formal leather shoes.


Even though Black Tie Optional is less formal than Black Tie, there aren’t strict rules that define what you can and cannot wear in a casino. The situation with the semiformal is a bit clearer.

The semiformal outfit allows you to have more freedom when picking your outfit since it has more options to choose from. This type of outfit is reserved for before-noon events just because it is less formal.

The semiformal outfit requires you to ditch the tux and pick a less formal suit that you like. Also, you are not required to wear a tie. Even though this is a less formal outfit, khakis and jeans are not considered appropriate.

Business Formal and Business Casual

If a casino requires you to have a Business Formal outfit, then this is the type of outfit you’d usually wear to an office job. This gives more freedom picking up the suit and ties is optional.

The business casual outfit is best compared for holiday parties. You can wear a sports coat or blazer, slacks or khakis, button-down collared or polo shirts, and loafers or other types of shoes.

It is the most common outfit for a day run in most casinos.


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