Dior Teams With Lucibel for LED Beauty Mask


[ad_1] MASK UP: Dior has partnered exclusively with French innovation lighting company Lucibel to use and commercialize LED mask technology. Designer Olivier Lapidus worked with Lucibel to create the beauty mask. He had for many years focused on innovative textiles, especially light-related fabrics. In 1999, Lapidus sent down a fashion […]

The Latest Gen Z TikTok Trend? Heat-Reactive Fashion


[ad_1] Italian luxury brand Stone Island announced a capsule collection of heat-reactive pieces in April. The concept was simple but full of visual payoff: Puffers, flasks, and windbreakers are treated with a thermosensitive coating, meaning the items change color in response to the slightest influx of heat from direct contact. […]

Beyoncé’s Music Video Beauty Looks, Ranked


[ad_1] That electricity you feel in the air? It’s because a new Beyoncé album is on the horizon. Renaissance is due July 29, and it’ll be Queen Bey’s first solo project since Lemonade, the surprise album released in 2016 that quickly became a cultural and worldwide phenom, sparking conversations around […]

Anyone should try beginner friendly wigs

Introduction Many people think that beginner friendly wig is only suitable for beginners. But in fact this is a small misunderstanding. Even experienced wig lovers will love and use beginner friendly wigs. Because, beginner friendly wigs doesn’t just mean novice friendly, it also means simplicity and ease. The truth is, […]

My everyday beauty: Victoria Barbara


[ad_1] Luxury fashion influencer, model and philanthropist Victoria Barbara is a must-follow for chic street style as well as elegant make-up and hairstyle inspiration. Born in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents, Barbara now lives in the Hollywood Hills where she filmed this video for Harper’s Bazaar, demonstrating her cherished day-to-day […]