June 21, 2024


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Choosing POS software for your jewelry store - Jewelry Photographer Bay Area - San Francisco

Choosing POS software for your jewelry store – Jewelry Photographer Bay Area – San Francisco

If you’re looking to update your software or planning to open a new jewelry store, you’re going to need a comprehensive set of software to help you take custom orders, integrate inventory with your online store and more. In this post, we list out some of the top software tools for jewelry businesses on the market.

If you’ve used any of these point of sale (POS) tools, comment and give readers feedback based on your experience.

These tools are designed for those running physical stores. If you’re only running an online business, these tools are likely not applicable to you.

1. wJewel

Type of Software Application: Complete Store Management

wJewel is a POS system and complete jewelry retail store management platform for jewelry retailers that supports processes such as sales, appraisals, repairs, business analysis, accounts receivable/payable, gift certificates, and more.

Have more than one location? You’ll love its multi-store support and capability to integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks and Shopify for simpler, more cohesive store management. 

This one comes highly rated and reviewed and users love its automation tools and endless opportunities for customizability.

2. Lightspeed Rail

Type of Software Application: POS System (and additional services)

Lightspeed Rail is a POS system with enticing features, such as omnichannel loyalty program and contactless payment system.

The perfect mix between CRM and POS, Lightspeed Rail allows you to add information such as ring size, band preference, and important dates (like birthdays, anniversaries, or upcoming weddings) to each customer profile.

You can bring Lightspeed in to streamline your back-office operations as well with its inventory management features.

3. JewelMate Enterprise Retail Software

Type of Software Application: POS with on-premise comprehensive retail management

Jewelmate Enterprise Retail Software blends POS capabilities with other day-to-day business processes, such as repair tracking, customer management, and even inventory management. While none of its features go particularly in-depth in one area, it offers a little bit of everything for jewelry retailers who want a comprehensive on-premise operations management tool.

Users rave about how easy Jewelmate is to learn and use, supported by a comprehensive guide to answer any questions. They also have found great benefits in its customization tools and special features that make the customer experience stand out.

4. Adaptive Jewelry ERP

Type of Software Application: Cloud-based jewelry industry general software

Adaptive Jewelry ERP is a solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV that is marketed specifically for jewelry retailers as well as other players in the industry, such as designers, stone distributors, manufacturers, and multinational jewelry enterprises.

Being that it serves so many different audiences, its capabilities cover a wide array of processes, from a POS system, stone certification management and product lifecycle management to vendor consignment and metal demand forecasting.

Made for mid-sized to large retailers, this is an excellent option for companies looking to own several verticals within the industry.

5. JCS

Type of Software Application: Full-suite management system

JCS is a full-suite management system made for independent jewelry retailers with one or more stores, up to sixty stores.

Some of JCS’s features include pricing management, supplier management, appraisal management, consignments, marketing automation, customer history, and more. 

JCS has been a beloved product on the market for many years, making it a strong contender as you’re evaluating these tools.

Type of Software Application: Complete jewelry business management system

Created as a unified software platform for jewelry stores, Gemini Pro offers multi-functionality as a POS, pricing management tool, repair order management tool, and inventory management tool. 

Gemini Pro has special features that would be of use to diamond sellers, wholesalers, manufacturers, or retailers.

7. Repair Q

Type of Software Application: Tool for jewelry repair businesses

Another comprehensive option to consider is RepairQ, though this program mainly focuses on the needs of the repair industry. However, it also includes POS tools, ticket tracking, customer relationship management, and reporting.

For jewelers who mainly sell new jewelry, RepairQ is probably not the best fit.

8. ACE Retail POS

Type of Software Application: POS

A POS chock full of features, the ACE Retail POS comes with supporting inventory management capabilities and integrates with tons of commonly used platforms such as QuickBooks, Shopify, Chase, Google, MailChimp, FirstData, and more. 

It combines the best of both inventory management and POS by keeping track of layaways, current stock, repairs, and orders in progress.

9. Online Munim Jewellery – Omgold

Type of Software Application: Enterprise resource planning

Online Munim is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small to large jewelry businesses. When in use, it can help you manage your stock by scanning barcodes or RFIDs, sending promotional SMS messages to customers to generate sales, sending customized invoices, tracking supplier orders, and keeping track of accounting reports.

Some of the exciting features include the ability to create a jewelry catalog similar to e-commerce sites, purchase order management, and various automated reporting capabilities.

Omgold is a great option for retail and wholesale jewelry businesses.

Which software do you use to manage your jewelry business? Comment and leave your feedback for other readers.

This is a guest post by Ava Walton. Ava is a community outreach manager at Glaciera. Glaciera provides affordable and easy to use tech solutions to streamline a jeweler’s day-to-day business.