June 14, 2024


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eBOOK: The new reality in retail by SAS

What separates successful retail and consumer packaged goods brands from those that struggle in today’s highly interconnected, fast-paced, and data driven world? What are the winners doing differently? Retail success involves a careful balance of multiple dimensions, reports SAS. Providing value to customers at the right time and in the right place helps build lasting loyalty. Reducing friction and increasing engagement, both in store and online, have also emerged as key contributors to brand growth and profitability.

It’s tricky work. But investing in modern technologies and establishing strategic partnerships can make all the difference. As the scale, scope and demand for solutions continues to grow, industry experts and brand leaders offer unique insights on what the road ahead looks like for retail and CPG brands. In the spirit of “one plus one sometimes equals three”, industry experts share what retailers and customers stand to gain from strong technology partnerships. Major brand leaders discuss sustainability in retail, the explosive growth of quick commerce, supply chain resiliency and why personalisation matters so much to the customer experience. Innovative approaches to fraud detection and loss prevention round out the view of the industry’s future through a technology enriched lens.

Underlining all these initiatives is the need for an agile, data-driven mindset in any retail or CPG brand that hopes to flourish, says Patrick Dittli, global retail and CPG executive, SAS. SAS is a headline sponsor on RetailingAfrica.com and has published its ebook, the Future of Retail – Insights from retail & CPG experts, including The New Reality in Retail; Sustainability; Quick-Commerce/Dark Stores, Operational Excellence; and Personalisation, on RetailingAfrica.com, making it available free of charge for download from the Retailing Africa LIBRARY.

eBOOK: For more on the Future of Retail – Insights from retail & CPG experts, read the eBook – free to download.

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