June 15, 2024


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Exclusive: Sustainable fashion lovers will have a new shopping destination at the relaunched No Borders Shop


SH: What does the future of No Borders look like to you? 

KK: No Borders will only continue to grow from here. We are now expanding our reach to more artisans around India and eventually around the world, hoping to promote and revive traditional crafts and sustainable practices. As a first step, we will be collaborating with Bubu Igosi – the founder of I am Isigo. Bubu is based mainly between Lagos, Accra, and Nairobi, and is on a continual mission to understand and promote the diversity and complexity of African culture. Whether it’s employing traditional Kente weaving techniques to reaffirm the art of craftsmanship, or juxtaposing the notion of Ghanaian femininity with her native Nigeria, Ogisi harnesses the communicative power of clothes with every collection she produces. My hope is that we attract more artists and entrepreneurs like Bubu – continuously expanding our roster and bringing their art and products to our communities’ homes. 

SH: There is so much more to do, and such a long way to go. On the tech side, we will also start optimizing our service to handle large numbers of vendors. We want to add features like education content on sustainability, user submitted galleries, direct integrations with social media shopping, customer forums, connecting blog posts to products etc. We are a small team right now, but we hope to grow and build a diverse team that is aligned with us on revolutionising fashion and on the way we choose to live – slowly, intentionally and collectively. 


Styling: Kanika Karvinkop

Styling assistant: Aishwarya Gajare 

Make up: Sandhya Shekar

Make up assistant: Elton John

Hair: Laila Dalal

Models: Gaurav Ganapathy, Georgina D’silva, Sana Thampi, Ryanna Higgs 

All available at No Borders

Nobordersshop.com launches today

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