June 25, 2024


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Geraldo and Bongino Throw Down in Crosstalk-Laden Shoutfest


Sean Hannity welcomed Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino to discuss gun control on Tuesday night.

The three men sat calmly whilst drinking chamomile tea and discussed the topic du jour in a civil fashion.

Just kidding.

As they so often do when appearing on Hannity, Rivera and Bongino went at each other, this time on the matter of whether the minimum age to buy AR-15-style firearms should be increased from 18 to 21.

Earlier in the day, actor Matthew McConaughey visited Capitol Hill and the White House to advocate for that very policy and others. He also appeared on Tuesday’s Special Report on Fox News.

Rivera and Bongino discussed the idea later that evening on the network. The former stated that one must be 21 to buy alcohol, and so therefore it’s only appropriate for the age requirement to purchase a firearm – or at least an AR-15 – to be 21 as well.

Here’s how it went:

BONGINO: You keep each using the beer analogy. Geraldo, you’re a lawyer. I have not seen amendment 2.5, the right to buy a Coors Light shall not be infringed.

These are legal adults in the country. Now, having said that, if you’re going to infringe on a constitutional right, according to the court system, you have to do it–it has to be a compelling government interest. We all agree preventing mass murder is a compelling government interest, point taken.

RIVERA: Thank God that we agree on that, Dan. Thank God.

BONGINO: Wait, not done. There’s a second part of that. You’re a lawyer, I think you know this. It’s through the least restrictive means. The least restrictive means is not to tell every single 18-year-old in the entire country who’s done nothing wrong, you can no longer purchase a rifle because of some nut.

RIVERA: Then why are you telling them they can’t drink beer? Why do you tell them they can’t drive a semi? That’s baloney, Dan!

BONGINO: Did you just hear what I said?


RIVERA: Our brains aren’t fully developed, 18 years old, 18 years old, we don’t have the same–you’re always talk about cognitive ability on this show. What about the cognitive ability of someone who can barely shave?


BONGINO: You haven’t met every 18-year-old in the country, and you have so little respect for the American citizen, that when you become a legal adult, you’ve stigmatized them all–

RIVERA: That’s bogus!

BONGINO: –to be dangerous murderers who cannot get a hold of a rifle, and you keep using a ridiculous example.


BONGINO: Geraldo, just said–

RIVERA: Do you concede–


RIVERA: Do you concede that at 18 years old, you are less mature than you will be at 21 years old? Do you concede that?

BONGINO: It depends on the 18-year-old. If you’re a snowflake 18-year-old–

RIVERA: Generally speaking, generally speaking, don’t be cute.


HANNITY: All right, guys. I gotta jump in. This is the debate the country frankly does need to have.

Watch above via Fox News.

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