April 20, 2024


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Holiday '22 Jewel Drop #2 - Nathalie Siman Jewelry - Gem Gossip

Holiday ’22 Jewel Drop #2 – Nathalie Siman Jewelry – Gem Gossip

Nathalie Siman Jewelry

Putting together these special Friday Holiday Jewel Drops has been so fun!  Our first drop happened last Friday and it was the Custom Photo Charms. Today I’m featuring a special designer whose work I absolutely love — Nathalie Siman. She is based out of Guatemala and has been creating jewelry for over 10 years. I met her in the hallway of JCK Tucson back in 2019 when I attended the show and she was excited to show me her work, along with new pieces that would blossom into new collections. I personally own one of her Make a Wish pendants (shown above) – I love them so much, from the dangles, to the unique gemstone combinations and unique concept. In fact, I have a few in this drop. More on those below!

Aside from the pendants, there are three rings in this drop — I was really hoping to feature some moonstones since so many of you are head-over-heels for them (can’t blame you). I knew Nathalie would pull through with some gorgeous moonstones paired with incredible designs. Hope you love these as much as I do, and don’t forget to be on the lookout every Friday for a new Holiday Jewel Drop.

Nathalie Siman Jewelry

These two chain rings feature moonstones, diamonds and 14k yellow gold – both called the Anarchy Ring, left $900, right $970

Nathalie Siman Jewelry

This is the Comet Ring, featuring moonstones, diamonds and 14k yellow gold, $1200

Nathalie Siman Jewelry

These two plus the two at the very top of this post are the Make a Wish pendants that will be in this drop! Turquoise + diamond or blue sapphire, and Rose quartz + ruby or diamonds. Price: $495 for rose quartz, $650 for turquoise 

Look for these to be posted over on @shopGemGossip or you can email me – hello (at) gemgossip.com to order