April 20, 2024


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How to Choosing the Right Handbag

Street Style - Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018: Day 2 - Major Mag

I was at the general store a few days ago. I’ve seen countless women everywhere carry identical purses and telephony bags, to work, to the gym, to the general store, to go out in the evenings, no matter what. Fits in size. We will be doing betrayal.

So is it time to consider your wallet, regardless of whether you need more than one to make it sleek?

It doesn’t have to match the color, it has to be exactly the same, it still needs to be identified with your outfit. A small painted sundress sometimes falls short for very large black bags and rugzak dames. Some pants do not work with suitcase-style bags. A suit doesn’t fit with a shiny grip, does a natural bag fit in some pants. Evening dresses require more modest, much better bags than your usual classification. I prefer Cross body TAS and Shouldertas for these uses.

The custom string works formally, but not easily.

Be related to the tones, or choose colors that do not conflict with the complementary style.

One reason is related to size, and day bags are more important and wide than evening bags and luiertas.

Also, unless your character is unusual, don’t match your bag to your shoes unless they are both black and brown.

At a time when you are exploring each and every one of your pieces, from one bag to the next, why not try a bag and rugtas supplement to save time and effort.

Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions.

Colors – Lighter and more beautiful tones, in general, will suit the hot weather. The more obscure and more unusual styles are adapted to the colder seasons (and we’re talking periods of the year, not the occasional color framework here).

Weight – Lightweight bags work best in the summer. Heavy, heavy loads suit a lot in the pre-winter season.

Creation – Straw is made for summer, and to keep it away from the sun you wear a matching straw hat, does it still feel this cold time of year? No, the textures, for example, hide and feel more comfortable with the environment. At the moment it looks like it will save you from the rain, it is a cool bag.

Example: Hot climate designs, in general, will be based on nature (flowers, butterflies, etc.), while cold-climate bags will be bound by more mathematical examples such as check or finish, such as soft leather. Hide, or feel.

So suppose you need a bag that works all year round, what to look for? Tassen Cowboy Bag in Light Leather for Medium Price (Not Overly Light or Dull) Available for sale. You should not be overly elaborate, knowing that it is easy to wear with both formal and casual attire. In any case, be careful if you use the same bag for all occasions. This can be very frustrating.