June 25, 2024


Everyday Fashion

Influencer measurement a hurdle for beauty, fashion and luxury: Publicis Sapient and Launchmetrics study


Influencer marketing has become particularly important for beauty, fashion and luxury marketers, and measuring it is a particular challenge, with 40% of marketer respondents saying they rely on influencers themselves or brand partners to self-report performance.

‘They’re tracking everything’

A key reason for the gap is the relatively advanced development of e-commerce at all levels of the beauty, fashion and luxury industries in China, said Stephen Picard, associate managing director of Publicis Sapient. 

One advantage of dealing with data—and just doing business—in China is “for better or worse, you do everything on WeChat,” said Alison Levy, chief marketing officer of Launchmetrics. “You walk into a store, and they know who you are. You make the purchase there, whether you made it online or you look at their website or WeChat page or … they’re tracking everything.”

Obviously, that creates privacy issues that create pushback in the West, but it also raises the issue of how marketers can build and better analyze their first-party data, Levy said. “You shouldn’t be buying data, but you should figure out what tools you need to actually aggregate your own data in a better way.”


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