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Men in Sarees Why is Gender Neutral Fashion The Need of Hour And How Indian Men Are Acing it

Men in Sarees Why is Gender Neutral Fashion The Need of Hour And How Indian Men Are Acing it


Men in Sarees: The flexibility of fashion today means that men and women dress in one another’s attire more than before. The first ten years of the new century saw a revival of the fashion trend of girls dressing like boys. The vague appearance, in which both the genders combine and contrast fashionable items from one another’s wardrobes, is now being replaced by a new category of wearing that disregards gender norms. Neither size nor gender should determine fashion. The time when skirts denoted femininity and pants the contrary, is long gone. Instead, we are establishing a society where gender is viewed as a shifting scale rather than a binary. The resurgence of simplicity in fashion is giving this new idea a boost as unisex brands cater to the younger population seeking a unique perspective.Also Read – Dabur’s Real Fruit Juice to change packaging which was gender discriminating

Why is Gender-Neutrality Need of The Hour?

Gender neutrality is a practice that enables you to escape the gender binary. It motivates individuals to exercise their genuine right to freedom of expression. It guarantees that future generations would lead India toward a liberal and progressive course, ultimately bringing about a beneficial social transformation in the society with regard to gender equality. The gender-neutral fashion trend challenges the notion that girls should be delicate while boys should be tough in order to design clothing that every youngster may appreciate, regardless of their gender.

Gender-fluid and gender-neutral clothes are movements and fashion trends that unquestionably represent progress. More than ever, individuals are at ease with the idea of masculinity, and gender is no longer indicated by the clothes that one wears. Instead of being constrained by preconceived notions, people are opting to define themselves on their own terms.

Celebrities Defining Gender Neutral Fashion

Men in Sarees Why is Gender Neutral Fashion The Need of Hour And How Indian Men Are Acing it

Ranveer Singh is at ease wearing a septum ring and Anarkali that was formerly ‘exclusive’ for women.

Harry Styles Nail Polish

Harry Styles flaunting his charming nail polish that was exclusive for women.

Gender-specific clothing is no longer the norm, thanks to the emergence of fashion. Additionally, it isn’t people who are dressed in gender-neutral hues or styles. Stars like Harry Styles and Ranveer Singh have repeatedly shattered stereotypes by dazzling in photo shoots while sporting supposedly feminine attire. Today’s fashions are transcending gender norms, allowing an increasing number of people the freedom to dress whichever they like.

Men in Sarees: The New Gender-Fluid Fashion

Meet the men who are defying gender and fashion norms and promoting the beauty of the saree – the most popular gender-neutral garment.

Siddharth Batra Wins Hearts on The Internet With His Saree Look:

Social media users have responded enthusiastically to the pictures of men wearing sarees by leaving a ton of supportive comments. Netizens hailed Siddharth Batra for wearing her influencer girlfriend Komal Panday’s Banarsi saree with utmost grace and style. One of the users wrote, “Super-inspiring and I love the combination.” Another user wrote, “Love how much you love styling sarees, acing the tiniest details.”

Siddharth Batra

Fashion content creator Siddharth Batra wore his girlfriend’s Banarsi saree

Netizens Applaud Pushpak Sen For His Saree Style:

Netizens cheered loud for men draping sarees in their own way, one of the users on Pushpak Sen’s Lavender and Lust saree pictures wrote, “I love the way you carry your saree, n the aura you create just by your personality, really appreciative.” Another user wrote, “Thank you for adding a new definition to saree and adding to its eternal beauty.”

Pushpak Sen

Indian blogger Pushpak Sen whose incredible pictures of him walking the streets of Milan wearing a sari and a red bindi went viral

This is fantastic news for all the men who loved dressing up like their mothers in their iconic sarees. A few people have started their own small movement to normalize unisex fashion out of sight, and they are currently dazzling the internet with their looks.

YOU DO YOU! We’re all in for gender-neutral clothing, bring it on!


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