July 16, 2024


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Mi9 Ranked 2nd in Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Support on the 2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard

Mi9 Ranked 2nd in Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Support on the 2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard

MIAMI, FLORIDA December 9, 2022 – Based on stringent criteria, the annual RIS Software LeaderBoard evaluates retail technology vendors in head-to-head rankings and Top-10 lists based on retailers’ satisfaction and the completeness of their solution.  Valuable data such as return on investment, innovation, reliability, support, and customer satisfaction are collected and analyzed.  The RIS Software LeaderBoard is unique in the fact that it ranks vendors based on end-user evaluations.

Mi9 Retail is a retail software platform that enables retailers to automate and optimize their merchandise management, store operations, retail analytics, and eCommerce.

Ranked #5 among Apparel Vendor Leaders, Mi9 Retail is constantly innovating and incorporating the latest technologies to help its loyal customer base adapt to changing trends and growing customer expectations in the industry.

Mi9 Retail featured in a total of 9 of the Top-10 lists, including Top Vendors for Tier One Retailers, Leaders in Quality of Service by Tier One & Mid-Size Retailers, as well as Leaders in Quality Support.

Mi9 Retail has been consistently featured among the Top 10 in multiple categories, and they continue to trend upward.

RIS Software LeaderBoard Mi9 Retail Rankings:

  • #2 – Customer Satisfaction for Department Store/Mass Merchant Vendors
  • #2 – Vendor Leader for Department Store / Mass Merchant 
  • #5 – Apparel Vendor Leaders
  • #7 – Leaders in Quality of Support by Tier One & Mid Size Retailers
  • #7 – Mid-Size Vendors
  • #7 – Leaders in Recommendation by Tier One & Mid-Size Retailers
  • #8 – Leaders in Technology Innovation by Tier One & Mid-Size Retailers
  • #9 – Top Vendors for Tier One Retailers
  • #9 – Leaders in Quality of Service by Tier One & Mid- Size Retailers 

The RIS Software LeaderBoard enters its third decade of objectively tracking the top software providers in retail, and we are delighted to see Mi9 make multiple top-ten appearances.

As a true end-to-end retail suite that empowers retailers with the tools they need to efficiently run their businesses, Mi9 Retail continues to be recognised for its dedication to both product innovation and customer service.

About Mi9 Retail
Mi9 Retail was launched in 2002 when the founders identified a market need for a world-class retail management system to serve complex, high SKU-volume businesses. Mi9 Retail is a leading provider of software solutions that helps retailers effectively run and grow their businesses. Mi9 Retail is committed to innovation and customer service.

Mi9 Retail mission is to develop great software that delights end users by excelling in design and functionality. Mi9 Retail offers a complete suite of software solutions that include merchandise management, point of sale, business intelligence, sales audit, invoice matching, order management, and e-commerce – all connected to a common retail analytics platform.

Mi9 Retail is headquartered in Miami, Florida. To learn more about Mi9 Retail, visit www.Mi9Retail.com.