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Minus1 Lifestyle introduces World Chino Day to celebrate men’s fashion


India, 28th March 2022: Minus1 Lifestyle brings an effective and revolutionary change in Men’s fashion. It admires and acknowledges the importance of chinos in men’s life. The company brings one of its kind revolution in men’s Chinos. “Chino” is not a word used so often in our day-to-day life but it’s worn almost every day. So, let’s take the time out of our busy schedule and celebrate “World Chino Day ”. Minus one lifestyle wants to appreciate the history of the most worn all-time piece of men’s clothing known as CHINOS. To commemorate this, they decided to launch WORLD CHINO DAY on the 3rd of APRIL 2022.

Men’s fashion is growing faster than ever but it lacks a very crucial factor, innovation. Gauging this gap, Minus One decided to bring a transformation into men’s fashion while ensuring to remain classic and comfortable. They took this opportunity to launch innovative chino pants on this World Chino Day, and named them “Daylong Chinos”, as the brand provides premium quality chinos across India.

Minus One came up with a unique idea of inserting hidden elasticated waistbands in Men’s chinos. To be more particular, these waistbands can stretch up to 2+ sizes. So, even if your size fluctuates, you don’t need to buy new Chinos. Minus one has you covered. The best part is that this technology does not compromise style or look. Chinos of premium quality help the brand categorize them as classics and their innovation makes them different from the rest.

The era is changing rapidly and the new generation of men want to create their own norms. Taking this into account Minus One Lifestyle decided to start this revolution with 3 pillars in mind: Comfort, Innovation, and Sustainability

Fast fashion has made men keen to try different attires, thus, they have started taking a deep interest in the way they want to dress up. Which bottom wear is the patron of versatility and comfort? Well, you guessed it correctly, only the mighty ‘Chinos’ could do justice to both. The best part about chinos is, they are made up of 100% cotton and are stylish at the same time.

The new generation is fully aware and concerned about their surroundings and nature. They believe that fashion can be sustainable and stylish at the same time, and this approach will be beneficial to the environment. Minus one came up with a unique concept that solves a genuine problem every man faces in their daily routine. It will bring effective change in their lifestyle and help them be eco-friendlier at the same time. It indirectly caters to the needs and morals of this new generation. Minus one flagship product ‘Daylong Chinos’ will help them to be different and comfortable from the rest.

The brand covers a range of Men’s Stylish classics, from Men’s casual stretch to Men’s day-long Chinos; from slim fit chinos to Regular fit chinos, to Skinny fit chinos. A wide range of colours are available for men, so drop the usual, mundane colours and add some new palettes to your wardrobe. Furthermore, Minus One invites you to “Go Minus One” on your size. Buy the pants that are one size lower than your usual size. They guarantee that their unique stretchable waist and the daylong chino will fit you like it’s your second skin.

This World Chino Day, it’s time to refresh and rearrange your bottom wears. Add more chinos to your wardrobe. Be a part of world chino day. all you have to do is to wear your favourite chinos and post them on your social media handles, tag @minusonelifestyle and use #worldchinoday. And for the best chinos, you can drop by minus one’s website (www.minus1lifestyle.com). Grab this opportunity and get the chinos of your favourite colour at an affordable price. Minus one brings tantalizing offers, referral schemes and coupon codes on this special day. Rush to the website to grab these amazing offers. On the 3rd of April, be a part of the biggest celebration “WORLD CHINO DAY” and overcome the FOMO (fear of missing out).

To know more visit Minus1Lifestyle.

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