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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF December 12 – 1 8, 2022

Before you shift into high gear in an attempt to accomplish the last five agenda items on your 2022 list, make sure they’re still your top priorities. On Wednesday, December 14, your ruling planet Neptune (in your sign) forms a challenging angle with the driven Sun in your professional tenth house. While el Sol is willing and able to get ‘er done, tender Neptune needs to emotionally connect to what it engages in. This cosmic clash could shine a light on where what you THINK you should do is at odds with what you actually desire. Sometimes, of course, we don’t have the luxury of choice (it’s the old “that’s why they call it work”). But not always, which is why it’s a valuable exercise to deeply consider these remaining tasks or projects.

If there’s no getting around them, then just suck it up. But if any ARE discretionary, take a minute to assess which are in line with your highest purpose or your soul’s deepest yearnings. It’s easy to get mindlessly swept up in deadlines and others’ needs, but is that really how you want to use your precious resources—i.e., your talent and (limited) time? This demanding Neptune square may “insist” that you reevaluate your work assignments and pursue only things that will bring personal satisfaction. While there’s a lot to be said for a paycheck, if your heart isn’t in it, Pisces, even a big win will feel empty.

Friday’s stabilizing quarter moon in Virgo can bring harmony or more compassion to a relationship that’s wobbly. Halfway between full and new, this moon helps you set aside intense emotional reactions and respond from a very practical, Virgo-inspired place. Analysis over drama is generally a good idea. But don’t passively wait for bae to approach you—or for the “perfect circumstances” to arise. This ball is in your court, Pisces. So think through what your GOAL is here, then find a way to broach a conversation that should lead there. Bear in mind that what you’re perceiving may be 180 degrees from what’s in their mind! And what to you is a “major crisis” might in reality be the other person going through something deeply personal that has absolutely nothing to do with you.


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While some Pisces might hit a romantic high note during this lunation, more likely you can clear the air, get on the same page and, if necessary, call a truce. The dialogue may not be easy or painless, but scratching below the surface and getting to the root of the issue is how you’ll both be able to express yourself and (hopefully) get your authentic needs met and feelings acknowledged. Quarter moons bring a calming, balanced perspective, and even if you have to confront some unpleasant truths, this disappointment can be a huge step along the path to intimacy, a goal worth paying a price for!

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