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The Best Sunglasses for Men (2022)


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A man wearing his sunglasses

A man wearing his sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most useful accessories in men’s fashion. Not only do they provide exceptional style and complete an outfit, they also protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, most products can’t combine these two benefits into a cohesive package without compromising one or the other. They either look good or offer decent protection. The only exceptions to this issue are the top-rated sunglasses for men of 2022, and we have carefully curated the premiere examples of them, just for you.

After sifting through a bunch of available options, we’ve created a list of sunglasses for men that are actually worth your money. These products offer the perfect blend of impeccable style, long-lasting comfort, and robust eye protection, all at a very reasonable price. Take a look.

Top Picks

Best overall: Kaliyadi Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Anti-reflective lens

Anti-reflective lens

This polarized option from Kaliyadi strikes an ideal balance between contemporary style and near-perfect eye protection. This product is so great, in fact, it managed to grab our “best overall” award, owing to the extreme quality and style it offers to customers. The semi-rimless frame provides a unique floaty look without compromising rigidity and long-term durability. The solid black pair offers near-universal compatibility with summer and winter casual outfits. On the other hand, the pair with gold rims and blue lenses is perfect for summer events like going to the beach wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Put together, the two pairs in this pack will keep your eyes safe and stylish all year. The eye protection offered by these products is second to none either. Their HD polarized lenses prevent glare without making vision dark or blurry. They might even enhance your color perception in certain brightly lit environments. The expert combination of polarization and style takes this pick to a whole other level.

Key Features:

  • Pack of two, blue and black lenses

  • 100% UV 400 eye protection

  • Anti-reflective lenses

  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and pouch

  • 1.1 mm polished lens thickness

Perfect eye protection: ATTCL Driving Sunglasses for Men

Polarized sunglasses for men cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.

Polarized sunglasses for men cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.

ATTCL brings the look and vibe of sporty driving models in a stylish package. The key focus of these products is protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and other sun-related issues. The polarization on the lenses is exceptional at blocking glass and metal sheen without affecting clarity, making them ideal for driving during the day. Also, there is UV protection, blocking all blue light rays up to 400 nanometers and keeping your eyes safe from UV-related damage. ATTCL has also made great efforts to create products that are as comfortable as possible. The aluminum alloy frame provides unmatched durability while keeping the entire item at 20 grams. Not to mention the adjustable ear pads and nose bridge, letting you customize the fit to your face.

Key Features:

  • Black frame, blue lenses

  • 100% UV 400 eye protection

  • Adjustable spring hinge design

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Built for sports and outdoor activities

Comfortable design: Zenottic Polarized Sunglasses

Non-slip nose pads are comfortable & skin-friendly

Non-slip nose pads are comfortable & skin-friendly

If you’ll be wearing these products for multiple hours every day, then this polarized option by Zenottic is an ideal choice for you. This option is designed from the ground up to be as comfortable as possible. For starters, the thermoplastic memory material is soft on the skin while also being nearly unbreakable. This material is also quite flexible, allowing the frame to fit snugly over your ears. Even the fixed nose pads are soft and skin-friendly, offering long-lasting comfort. Another great aspect of these products is their sleek style. Their all-black color scheme and understated frame design make them compatible with almost any casual outfit. Plus, their snug fit lets you wear them during outdoor activities like skiing, cycling, driving, hiking, and boating.

Key Features:

  • All-black frame and lenses

  • 100% UV 400 eye protection

  • Unique flex hinge design

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Made from premium TR90 material

Elite style: Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviators

UV Protection Coating coating

UV Protection Coating coating

Ray-Ban is extremely well-known for high-quality construction and memorable designs, and no pair encapsulates this notion better than classic aviators. The RB3025 models are as stylish as it gets. Their thin gold frame and large gray-green lenses are iconic, fitting right in with modern men’s fashion. Additionally, matching them with leather bomber jackets, camo patterns, and classic military clothing is timeless and amazing. Ray-Ban’s aviators aren’t just for style either. The UV protective coating keeps your eyes safe, and the large lens size protects you from other elements like wind and dust.

Key Features:

  • Gold frame, gray-green lenses

  • 100% UV 400 eye protection

  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and pouch

  • Durable metal alloy frame

  • Unisex design

Great Value: Monrich Aluminum Sunglasses for Men

These polarized sunglasses for men avoid breakage while engaging in driving, fishing, climbing or other recreational activities.

These polarized sunglasses for men avoid breakage while engaging in driving, fishing, climbing or other recreational activities.

This option, from Monrich, offers the greatest value on this list, and this value comes from their insanely high construction quality. Everything from their material to design is fine-tuned for ensuring a long lifespan without compromising style or eye protection. The aluminum-magnesium alloy frame is the star of the show with its lightweight and unmatched durability. And, it’s held together by industry-leading spring hinges that won’t get loose even after years of use. Plus, the expertly polarized lenses provide a zero glare, true-color experience. They are also coated with a 100% UV protective layer, keeping your eyes safe from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Key Features:

  • Black frame, blue lenses

  • 100% UV 400 eye protection

  • Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and pouch

  • Durable aluminum-magnesium frame

  • Retro rectangular lens shape

A buying guide to the ultimate sunglasses for men

Purchasing these products can be easy and difficult at the same time. You can always just buy a random pair and call it a day. But, that will not ensure the best style, eye protection, comfort, or durability. A better method is choosing the right pair of glasses for your particular use and preferences. However, going through each available option would take ages.

Thankfully you can use an alternate way of sorting options. It involves evaluating each pair based on the following key criteria. This will help narrow down your options, leading you to a high-quality pair.

Let’s get started!

Shape of your face

While you can wear any style you want, you’ll look better with glasses that actually match the shape of your face. Here’s how to identify different face shapes and the optimal types of products for each one.

Round face

The defining feature of round faces is wide cheekbones accompanied by a curved chin and forehead. The most flattering sunglasses for round faces are ones with angular edges and flat lenses, they will contrast perfectly.

Oversized pairs look great on round faces. Choose ones with flat rectangular rims, further balancing softer facial features.

Oval face

Many consider oval faces to be the most balanced and symmetrical. They are slightly longer than they are wide and have an even width. This symmetry makes them quite versatile as well.

The ideal products for oval faces are wraparounds and retro circular goggles. Prominent plastic frames look pretty good, with flat metal options trailing right behind. The only thing to keep in mind is to stay proportionate. Choose glasses that compliment your facial features, not overshadow them.

Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face can be identified by its slim chin and wide forehead. The forehead is also the widest point of the face.

The ideal products for matching heart-shaped faces are none other than classic aviators. And, You can choose between regular or rimless aviators, both of them look equally good. Also, pick lenses that are a different color from your hair for optimal results.

Square face

The most memorable feature of a square face is a strong jawline. The prominent forehead and larger cheekbones are also a major part of the equation.

Wearing fully round sunglasses is a great way of contrasting the angular look of a square face. Alternatively, rectangular options with curved edges are a more subtle choice if you’re not a big fan of round lenses.

Long face

A long, or oblong, the face is noticeably longer than it is wide with a high hairline and long chin.

Classic wayfarers are the safest choice for long faces. Additionally, most designs with oversized frames look good on long faces. Just avoid small or round frames, and you should be free to wear any pair you want.

Construction quality

The next step in finding the right products is evaluating each option in terms of quality. These are the key factors to consider.


The lenses of your glasses need to be high-quality glass. Plastic and other similar materials are not a good option, no matter how well crafted they are. However, not all glass lenses are created equal. Look for items advertising scratch-resistant lenses, they’ll ensure a long and clear lifespan. Additionally, lenses with a thickness of around 1.1 millimeters provide the right balance of polarization and clarity. Too thick and the clarity will suffer, fall below 0.76 millimeters and the polarization won’t be sufficient.


These products come with frames made from all kinds of materials, and almost all of them are a good choice depending on the quality.

Metal is the safest option here, even some of the worst metal frames are still structurally sound. Steel frames are the heaviest and the strongest, while aluminum-magnesium alloys strike a perfect balance between durability and weight.

Plastic frames can vary between amazing and terrible. Some models use expertly engineered thermoplastic memory materials that are extremely flexible, soft to the touch, and nearly indestructible. A great example of this is the TR90 material from Zenottic. On the other hand, some products use extremely brittle plastic frames, breaking if you remove them incorrectly. So, make sure you’re getting a quality frame if you decide to go with plastic versions.

Lastly, we have wooden sunglasses frames. These tend to be premium models and extremely sturdy. Some high-end wooden frames can even outlast similar metal options. However, these are also pretty expensive and not necessarily a great use of your money.


The last piece of the quality puzzle is the hinges. Rigid screw hinges are the sturdiest, but they offer zero flexibility in their sizing. Spring hinges are flexible and capable of bending outward by up to 20 degrees or more. But, these products are known for getting loose over time.

Flex hinges are the middle ground between these two options, they offer the long-lasting durability of screw hinges and the flexibility of spring ones.

Eye protection

Look for glasses that provide HD polarization and 100% UV 400 protection from all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. And, ensure that the polarization effect doesn’t blur your vision and is adequate for bright daytime use.

UV protection is a must-have for all sunglasses, but you can pick sunglasses without polarization if you live in an area that gets minimal sunlight.

People also asked

Q: Are sunglasses gender specific?

A: Most sunglasses, like Ray-Ban’s aviators, are unisex and suitable for any gender. Some types, like the very oversized glasses in more traditionally feminine colors, are typically designed with women in mind, while angular wraparounds are generally used by men.

Q: How many pairs of sunglasses should someone own?

A: If chosen correctly, a single pair of black sunglasses should be more than enough. That said, owning at least three unique pairs will give you plenty of outfit options. You can also pair the same outfit with different sunglasses for sprucing up your look.

Q: How do I clean my sunglasses?

A: You can clean light dust and debris with a glasses-specific microfiber cloth. Run them under lukewarm water and dry with a lint-free towel if they are particularly greasy. Prescription glasses cleaning liquids are a last resort if nothing else works.


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