May 18, 2024


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What are the biggest tech online shops you can find in Germany?

Top 30 Shops in Germany 2020  - E-commerce Germany News

Many online stores are among the beneficiaries of this year’s change in shopping behavior. But not all suppliers were able to satisfy their customers in 2020. An extensive study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) and the tv news channel provides an answer to the question of which online stores in Germany are the best in terms of consumers. 

Based on approximately 50,000 customer reviews, the best suppliers in 61 categories received the prestigious award for the best online store in Germany.


The first Saturn stationery store was opened in Cologne in 1961. There are currently about 170 Saturn branches throughout Europe. And the online store is also very popular. Last year, sales were 641 million euros.

A German chain of electronics stores, Saturno sells home appliances, media, and home entertainment. Owned by MediaMarkt by retail company MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group along with other brands, including Redcoon and iBood, Saturn has grown online through e-commerce and abroad, with stores in Austria, Luxembourg, and Russia.

Media Markt

Media Markt is a very important store, which, like Saturn, belongs to the Media-Saturn Group. This online store generated sales of 1.1731 billion euros last year.

MediaMarkt is a German multinational chain of stores specializing in the retail trade of consumer electronics. Founded in 1979, MediaMarkt has expanded to several European countries and through its online platform, to become the second-largest consumer electronics chain in the world, behind the American company Best Buy.

The winner of our ranking is by a clear margin the German side of the shopping giant Amazon. For us alone, Jeff Bezos’ company has delivered an incredible 10.4908 billion euros.

Cyberport GmbH

Cyberport was founded in 1998 and offers its customers notebooks, smartphones, TVs, and appliances. The activity is carried out mainly through online trading. However, Cyberport also has a fixed pillar – 16 branches in Germany and Austria. At first, the online store only offered Apple computers. 

It quickly became one of the largest German suppliers of consumer electronics in the e-commerce sector. Hubert Burda Media already acquired a stake in Cyberport in 1999. The company is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of the media group. AG

Selling smartphones, tablets, PCs, displays, and consumer electronics on the Internet – this is the business model of The company has existed since 1989, initially under another name as a software company. In 2001 he entered the online business with the website It quickly became the core business and in late 2008 the company was named AG.


ALTERNATE was founded in 1992 in Gießen as an online store. At that time, e-commerce was still in its infancy. It has become one of the largest online mail-order companies for electronics in Germany. But from ALTERNATE you can also buy tools, garden tools or toys. The company is a subsidiary of SHIFT-IT Management GmbH & Co. KG Holding in Linden, near Gießen. The group of companies is active in various business sectors. There are also two classic shops in Linden.