December 3, 2022


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Why Go For a 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas?

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Engagement rings come in several forms, shapes, settings, colors, and cut. Whatever their appearances are, they are all the same when it comes to their goal and this is to hear the word “Yes” when men present them to the woman they love. Engagement is an important event since this is the starting mark of getting married. That’s why engagement rings are also special, women want a ring that is unique and very close to their personality and men go the extra mile to get the perfect engagement ring for their partner. If you are from Dallas then we recommend you to get a 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in there. Imagine giving your partner an engagement ring with three stones! She will surely love it.  

Origin of 3 Stone Diamond Rings


The three stones represent love, fidelity, and friendship. Friendship because this is where love started, love blossoms between two friends, and fidelity because engagement leads to a marriage where you will be bound as one then loyalty will be your promise to each other.


The three stones on the ring can also represent your past with your partner where you have overcome struggles that’s why you are still together at present and looking forward to being future husband and wife. The biggest stone is placed in the middle which means that the most important event in your life is the present which is your engagement. It can also be a representation of your love for her from past, present, and future. 

Third Year Anniversary

Some even use this 3 stones diamond ring as a gift to their partners to celebrate their third anniversary. The three stones represent the three years they had been together. Your partner will surely love this as a gift. It will show that you still value her after three years of being married. 

3 Basic Style of Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Equal Size Diamond

All three stones will weigh the same in carats. You can also make the shapes all the same or the two side stones may be of a different shape. This will depend on you as long as the carat weight are all the same among the three stones. 

Traditional Graduated Three Stone Diamond

The weight of the center stone is equivalent to the weight of the two side stones combined. For instance, the center stone weighs one carat then each side stones is half carat each. 

Slightly  Graduated Three Stone Diamond

The center stone is larger than the two sides stones but the two side stones don’t need any weight requirement. This is a good choice if you are on a budget since you can select small side stones and just focus on the center stones carat weight. 

Another thing to always consider in purchasing a diamond engagement ring are the 4cs. The 4cs is a good guide for you to check if the diamonds you are buying are satisfactory to your partner’s taste. 

4C’s of Diamond


Make sure to get a diamond without inclusions as much as possible although it’s expensive it will be worth it since the more flawless diamonds are the better. Getting diamonds with no blemishes can prolong their durability since they will remain intact. The clarity of the three diamonds may vary but it should be close to each other’s grade. 


Same with clarity, the colors of your three diamonds should be close to each other’s grade to avoid contrast on its appearance. Colorless diamonds are rare so you can go for nearly colorless. 


For the diamond’s cut that will depend on the design you want, any combination will do. As long as you get a jeweler who is an expert in cutting diamonds to shapes to avoid damages and to be able to get the perfect cut you desire. 


Carat will be based on the style you wish to have. This will depend on your budget since diamond is charged per carat so you better decide how many carats is your center stone and the two side stones. 

Factors in getting  3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas needs to be considered to be able to get the best one for your partner.