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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on BestBuy’s Totaltech™ Membership

Ad in partnership with Best Buy — The membership you and your tech deserve.

If you love technology, are constantly salivating over the latest gadgets and devices or are planning to bring your home into the 21st century with some important smart home upgrades, Best Buy’s Totaltech™ membership needs to be on your radar. 

Not only will a Totaltech™ membership save you money — often enough to cover the entire price of the membership from your very first purchase, but it will also take all of the inconvenience and stress out of shopping for major tech, home and car upgrades.

Here are the key benefits of a Totaltech™ membership.

Free Two-Day Shipping

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As the saying goes, time is money, so why should you wait more than 48 hours for some crucial piece of tech to keep your home or business operating smoothly? With a Totaltech™ membership, you get free two-day shipping, without any minimum purchase price, as well as free same-day delivery when available. 

Depending on what you’re waiting on for delivery, this perk could go from “nice to have” to “life saving” really fast. Getting the newest triple-A video game at your door in under 48 hours? Nice. Getting a replacement for your broken modem just as fast? Your work-from-home job is saved.

Best Buy Protection

One of the best Totaltech™ perks is peace of mind, since every product you purchase is automatically registered for up to 24-months of product protection. And if your product experiences a mechanical failure that’s covered by your membership, you’ll receive either a repair, a replacement product or store credit.

Plus, if you happen to purchase an Apple product at Best Buy, you’ll automatically be registered for up to two years of AppleCare+ coverage, covering not only Apple smartphones, tablets and computers, but also AirPod and Beats’ headphones. For more details on product coverage and eligibilities, click here.

Free Delivery, Installation and Haul-Away

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Image: Best Buy

Perhaps the single biggest perk of a Totaltech™ membership, and easily the most convenient and money- and time-saving perk, is the commitment to free delivery, installation and haul-away, so you don’t have to lift a finger to get a new television or appliance set up in your home. 

The Best Buy team handles all basics you’d probably want help with, from wall-mounting a television or movie projector to speaker or home modem installation, but they really go the extra mile by including smart home upgrades like video doorbells, smart garage doors, WiFi-connected thermostats and home security camera mounting and installation. Check out their full list of installations and assemblies to learn more.

If you purchase a large, bulky appliance like a refrigerator, dishwasher, or air conditioning unit, not only will they help install it for you, but they’ll also help dispose of your older unit, saving you a great deal of stress and labor in the process. And since Best Buy offers a wide range of car electronic upgrades, from in-dash receivers and Bluetooth audio to remote start and security installations, you can even take your car in for a free, professional installation.

Lastly, if you have some particularly onerous installation or service requirement that somehow isn’t covered by this exhaustive list, you’ll still save 20% on labor for advanced services and 10% on labor for custom installations with your Totaltech™ membership. 

Exclusive Access Events

One of the major frustrations of shopping for technology is that rare, hard-to-find and hugely in-demand products can often be sold out. Totaltech™ members get a major leg up thanks to exclusive access events. Members are notified about a sale event in advance, so all that’s left is signing in to their account on the day of the sale and enjoying exclusive access to products and sales that ordinary customers can’t compete with.

Full-Time Geek Squad Support

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Image: Best Buy

If you become a Totaltech™ member, Best Buy’s vaunted Geek Squad — the team of polite professionals trained to take the stress out of tech support — will be at your service, 24/7 365 days a year. You can live chat with an Agent or call their tech support line (1-888-237-8289) anytime, day or night, for a wide array of services, including virus removal, hardware installation, PC tuneups and diagnostic help — and not just for tech products you bought at Best Buy!  

We all like to believe we’re tech savvy, and some of us even take pride in troubleshooting our own problems, but the truth is that the pace of technological change is so rapid that even the most capable of us often require assistance, and Best Buy’s support system is second to none.

Extended Return Period

Maybe you bought the wrong product — something incompatible with the rest of your tech setup — or maybe you found out that the product you bought doesn’t work as you expected. Whatever the reason, you may eventually want to return a purchase, and with a Totaltech™ membership, you get more time to do just that.

Totaltech™ members can take advantage of an extended, 60-day return window on most products, either by returning the item to a Best Buy store or printing out their prepaid return label and dropping the product off at an authorized UPS drop-off location. To learn more about their return policy, click here.

Members-Only Low Prices

The most direct way to save with Totaltech™ is to enjoy the everyday low prices available exclusively to members. On the Best Buy website, non-members will see one price while Totaltech™ members will see their own discounted price, where applicable. Alternatively, you can visit the dedicated Totaltech™ deals page to shop the day’s latest members-only deals. 

These aren’t trivial savings, either. On big ticket items like appliances and televisions, they can amount to hundreds of dollars in discounts, more than covering the cost of your Totaltech’s™ annual membership!

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Image: Best Buy

Considering all of the above deals and member benefits, it’s no exaggeration to say that Best Buy’s Totaltech™ membership pays for itself, especially over an extended time period.

If you love technology, expect to be upgrading your home entertainment or security system in the near future, or just want to take all of the stress out of your relationship with technology, give the Totaltech™ membership a try.

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