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All about Darksaber

Everyone Who's Held The Darksaber And How They Lost It

This is basically a lightsaber which is having a dark blade. It was created by Tarre Vizsla who was the first ever Mandalorian to get incorporated into the Jedi Order. After the death of Vizsla, the darksaber was kept in the Jedi Temple but unfortunately, the member of the Vizsla house got their hands on it and stole it during the conflict with the Jedi. Since then the Darksaber was passed down by the ancestors of Pre Viszla from one generation to the next one. 

Pre-Vizsla who was the leader of DeathWatch and House Vizsla during Clone Wars took possession of the Darksaber in 21 BBY. Using this blade, he successfully took control over the Mandalorians and Mandalore. However, the Darksaber was not always with the Vizsla and was snatched away by Sith Lord Maul after he killed Vizsla in a duel. After this, he went on to become the leader of Death Watch. Hearing this news, he was visited by his apprentice, Darth Sidious in Mandalore who also had to face Maul. Maul made use of the Darksaber but it proved to be of no use and ultimately he was bested in combat. Having lost the fight, he was made a prisoner and taken to the Separatist Prison situated on Stygeon Prime. 

However, he did not have to stay there for long and was soon taken out at the request of Prime Minister Almec. The reason behind this was Almec was chosen as the public leader of Manadalore by none other than Maul. So, he had to return the favor. The first thing he did after getting freed from prison was to return to Zanbar, the prime location of the Death Watch camp, and again take possession of Darksaber. By then it had already been recovered from the Sundari Royal Palace where the duel was actually fought. 


It is a very old, ancient, and unique lightsaber having a black blade. The most unique feature was that the blade of the darksaber was shorter than usual which looked like that of a traditional sword. Overall, it had distinct Mandalorian features having a hand guard, slit-shaped blade emitter, and an angular pommel. All of this is made of nothing but beskar. When the darksaber was ignited or struck against something, it produced a sound of a much higher pitch which was much more like a screech. The Darksaber drew its energy from a crystal placed on it, the conduit for Force Energy. The current power of the blade was determined by the wielder’s thoughts along with the production of the electrical effect. This was seen at times when the wielder was going through some really emotional phase. The Darksaver was so connected with the wielder, that the blade would intertwine itself with the wielder’s subconscious level. 

Just like the other lightsabers, it also did not have the capacity to cut through pure beskar. It was seen as a symbol of leadership by the Mandalorian people and consequently respected by all. According to the Mandalorian traditions, anyone could be an owner of the Darksaber but the person had to defeat its previous owner in a fight. If they claim in some ways that do not comply with this, it would be considered illegitimate. However, there is an exception to this custom. The other clans peacefully accepted the event when Sabine Wren handed the Darksaber to Bo-katan without a fight. However, because of this she also got shunned for the after events of the Great Purge of Mandalore. There was only one element from the Mandalorian society that believed that there was a terrible curse on the Darksaber and that it would destroy the whole of Mandalore.