June 25, 2024


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Get Quality Beauty in Every Allure Beauty Box Subscription for $23


I wasn’t always a skin care fanatic. But as I’ve gotten older, taking care of my skin has become a must. That said, it’s never been fun buying things that might not work my skin. But with a subscription such as Allure’s Beauty Box, each month, you’ll get the best in beauty delivered right to your home for as little as $23. And if this is your first time grabbing this box, you can now get the first box for $15 with the code VIP15 and you’ll get a free full-size gift too. 

I’ve had the opportunity to test out this beauty box for two months. The first thing I noticed was how small the box was because I wasn’t sure how many products to expect in it. When I opened it, I was thoroughly surprised at just how many products across makeup and skin care I received. Truth be told, you get so many trial sizes (some full-size items too) that I’m still going through it all, but what I’ve tried so far has been wonderful.

There are a couple of ways you can become a member. You can pay monthly for $23, $60 every three months or $228 for the entire year. Inside your box, you’ll find award-winners, while others will be new products that should be on your radar. And most of all, with these products being so small, it really gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with something new without the fuss of keeping a full-sized item you don’t like.

If you love getting surprised with new products each month, treat yourself to something fun such as this Allure Beauty Box for cool beauty experiences right at home.

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