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Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Set & Glow Illuminating Powder & Dewy Balm

Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Set & Glow Illuminating Powder & Dewy Balm

četrtek, december 08, 2022

Physicians Formula Rosé All Day Set & Glow Illuminating Powder & Dewy Balm
This caught my attention both due to how pretty it looks and the good reviews it has. It exists in three shades and I have the lightest one called Luminous Light, while I think the medium shade is most popular. It’s described as somewhat of a dupe of Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, which I have in the shade Diffused Light and I’m not a fan of it because it’s fickly and backstabbing and I stopped wearing it when I came home once and saw I looked like I was dipped in a greasy highlighter – though it has it’s good moments too, but I don’t trust it. This is like a better version of it and it’s more affordable. 

Product is made from two parts, the radiant powder and a balmy highlighter. I don’t like the latter and don’t get why they included it at all. It’s like using a vaseline and it just looks odd, plus it’s hard to build up, as it just removes the makeup under it if you don’t tap it on carefully. 

The powder is quite dense and I need to use my firmer powder brushes to pick it up. It looks great on the skin – it doesn’t look powdery, it doesn’t make the makeup look more obvious, it takes away greasy/fresh makeup shine yet leaves a nice glow on the face. It may sound cliché, but it does kind of like the skin has good a Photoshop filter on, but it’s not faultless because it doesn’t prevent the makeup from slipping into my smile lines around my mouth. It’s covers a tiny bit, so if you’re not pale, I’d suggest taking one of the darker two shades.

I’ve been using this for months and the rose pattern is almost gone. It starts to go away quickly and it’s never again as pretty as new. But as long as the product is good, it’s ok. 

This powder is my first choice is cold months and when my skin is dry. In the summer I relied more of Revlon’s Colorstay Blot loose powder, thought I occasionally used this too. 

Some complain about the strong scent, which, granted, PH is known for including in their products, but actually at this one I find it’s more mild than their other products. It smells kind of like a floral soap. After months of being open and used, there is no scent left. 

The packaging is quite bulky, as is usual for PH and comes with an extra thin brush and mirror. It has three parts: the highlighter tray, the powder and under it the compartment with a brush.

I bought mine on Notino for 11,10 €.

This and Revlon’s Colourstay Blot powders are currently my favourite. They both do a little extra than just set and take away the greasy shine, and make the makeup look a bit better. This may not be a formula for oily skin, but I can’t say for sure. 

Have a great day!