June 21, 2024


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Ukrainian fashion brands on what you can do to help right now



“Any product produced and purchased in Ukraine is a direct support of the people, craftsmen and economy of Ukraine,” explains Natasha Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk, the founders of Gunia Project. “This is the easiest way for people to invest in Ukraine and get something back, so in our opinion, buying the items of Ukrainian brands and designers is a huge help.”

“Ukrainian businesses are going through hard times, but they are fighting hard for their existence; the opportunity to save jobs and pay salaries to their employees; the opportunity to help Ukrainians and create products that will make their lives easier and fuller; the opportunity to help Ukraine’s economy.

“Gunia Project is a brand of exceptional items and accessories with a focus on craft. All elements are designed by hand by Ukrainian artists and are completely individual. Even before the war, the deeper we delved into Ukrainian art, the more we understood the issue that many authentic techniques are on the verge of extinction, and some have lost their last masters due to unpopularity and unattractiveness from a commercial point of view.

“The desire to save and spread knowledge about the uniqueness of Ukrainian folk crafts, to make them relevant and interesting for the younger generation, led to the founding of Gunia Project. Inspiring and rethinking folk art, we create modern design objects, and we want to show that handicrafts can be relevant, and fairly paid, and the products can be fashionable.

“We ask the world fashion community to support our initiative and tell [the story of] Ukrainian artisans, history and culture, which is constantly evolving. We also want to emphasise that the war is not over yet and every donation can save someone’s life.”


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