June 21, 2024


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Why is CrossFit such a trendy sport?

In 200, a new workout program took the world by storm that encouraged people at all levels to reach their fitness goals regardless of their background or training regime. When preparing to start any new sport or activity, it’s essential to prepare yourself and give yourself the best chance of success by wearing the appropriate clothing and using the proper equipment to avoid injury and keep as comfortable as possible during your workout. 

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What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a workout program that combines cardio and weight training in a range of exercises that works your whole body with a CrossFit trainer coaching you through your session. These sessions often take place in groups at gyms or dedicated fitness centers where all of the equipment is readily available to participants. 

It was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai and since then they have grown to be one of the biggest fitness programmes in the world. CrossFit is mostly popular in the U.S. but it continues to grow in popularity in the U.K and globally as more and more people choose this method to get themselves into shape. 

What is the difference between Crossfit and normal workouts?

Rather than focusing on reaching goals involving the amount of weight lifted or distance run, CrossFit focuses on developing a person’s overall fitness levels and features a lot of repetitions which ensure the participant gets as intense a workout as possible within the given amount of time. 

When regularly attending CrossFit sessions you will practice a range of activities including:

  • Interval training
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Kettlebell lifting
  • Calisthenics 

Using professional equipment in these sessions helps to boost the quality of your performance and while these are provided in most gyms, you can always take your own personal training items purchased with some handy Nike discount codes. 

Benefits of CrossFit

The benefits of CrossFit training are unique to this type of workout, with some studies showing that it increases the amount of oxygen your body carries during intense exercise. The range of exercises practised in these sessions increases your body’s overall strength and ability over time and participants often feel a sense of community as they meet with the same people in each session and progress together. 

CrossFit develops skills that other workout regimes would miss, such as agility, balance and flexibility through unique repeated exercises that test your body in ways it isn’t used to through traditional exercise methods. Choose quality activewear that stretches and flexes with your body with some Nike 40% discount codes that means you can save your money for your workout sessions!

Reasons for popularity

Many will struggle to keep up with their exercise regime as it becomes boring, often featuring a set workout structure depending on the day, or a lot of cardio exercises such as long runs/walks/duration on the step machine. The predictability of these workouts means that they quickly become boring and you may lose motivation and as a result your fitness will suffer. 

Because the nature of CrossFit revolves around using your own body strength and ability to complete the exercises as opposed to adjusting a machine, the creative nature of these sessions keeps participants engaged throughout and encourages competition with your own previous results. 

After regular participants see their body improving and feel the difference in strength after committing to repeated workouts, this is highly rewarding and addictive, pushing you to improve your body again and again. 

Not only is this great for your physical exercise, but it’s also a great tool for improving your mental health as your body breaks boundaries and builds confidence as you realise its capabilities. 

Why is it effective?

Despite this programme being three or four times more expensive than the average gym membership, it is still extremely popular despite most of the gyms not featuring a swimming pool, steam room or sauna! So what is it that makes CrossFit so effective? 

These courses are designed to form a sense of team among participants, as studies have shown that strong bonds are formed when a group of people experience suffering together. While suffering might not sound like the ideal way to reach your fitness goals, the results are undeniable and keep fitness enthusiasts coming back time and time again. 

So, although CrossFit might be considered to be a trendy sport, for those looking to get into the best shape of their lives this looks like a great option. If you’re a person who finds yourself setting new years’ resolutions to get fit, only to fall off the wagon after a few months, then CrossFit is a great way to keep yourself engaged in exercise and push your body to its limits.