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10 Fashion Trends From Global Pride Parades


Pride month may have ended, but the fashion legacy will live on year-round. Find inspiration from these looks from global Pride parades.

Pride might be over, but showing your rainbows is never a bad moment. Whether you attended a Pride event, or have an upcoming music festival this summer, there are tons of colorful fashion trends that have noticeably spiked during the month of June – all in relation to flying colors of course.

The LGBTQ+ community is also such a prominent voice and influence when it comes to fashion, it is no surprise that like Coachella, Pride is the birthplace of summer fashion trends.

To support the LGBTQ+ community year-round, you can always shop for LGBTQ+-owned brands or brands whose business models also support these communities. Until next June, you can rock your pride all year long with these 10 prominent fashion trends that are bound to go viral all summer. 


10 Pastel Rainbows

Everyone loves a rainbow outfit, there is no better way to show your pride. Not that rainbows need to be trendy, as they represent so much more than fashion for the LGBTQ+ community, but you have to admit there is something super cute about a pastel rainbow top.

There is no need to tune down your bright colors to show your pride, but this pastel rainbow top is a trendy way to be loud and proud year-long.

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9 Colorblock Maxi Dresses

A clear fashion trend from this year’s Pride is wearing brilliant colors together, there doesn’t necessarily equal any of the many flags or a rainbow. The fashion trends from 2022 have been leaning into bright color blocks, and it makes sense the trend will continue through Pride and the summer.

From this three-tiered color maxi dress to any color block outfit this is a great trend for embracing your true colors.

8 Bandana Tops

Silk scarves as a top are trendy, but nothing new. In honor of Pride, many colorful bandanas made their way into people’s crop tops. From a tie-die blend to watercolors, rainbow trips and more, bandana tops are here to stay and perfect for all of your party and festival outfit needs.

7 Crochet

Crochet has been a hot trend this year, and it made the perfect outfit for Pride as the patterns typically weave together many colors and rainbows. This crochet skirt, bikini and hat is just one example of a super trendy rainbow outfit that was perfect for the Pride parade and can continue to be worn all summer long.

From your backpacking trip to a music festival, crochet is a clear trend for summer and a great way to show your colors.

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6 Mesh & Galaxy

Mesh has always been a popular material for Pride outfits, and this galaxy patterned mini-dress with a bodice top is the modern take on a classic look. Paired with a bucket hat, your favorite white sneakers and a trendy fanny pack this is the perfect summer outfit.

5 Rainbow Two-Piece

Two pieces are the summer essential, and the perfect outfit to show your pride in year-round. This super cute crochet black and rainbow two-piece is the perfect outfit for any day, festival and generally representing yourself year-round.

Plus two pieces are a holden gem for your capsule closet, they can be a statement piece and then broken up into two different statement pieces for more style.

4 Colorful Psychadelic Bodysuit

Get a colorful one-piece whether it is a bodysuit or a swimsuit and rock it with your favorite shorts or skirt all summer long. The psychedelic pattern leans into the popular 70s trends and the bright colors are perfect for rocking Pride.

This super cute one-shoulder swimsuit gives you the two-in-one when it comes to a bodysuit and swimsuit, plus the one-shoulder aspect is very modern. A bodysuit is comfortable and is an outfit that makes you feel confident all day long.

3 Pastel Watercolors

Pastels are perfect for summer and what better way to show some pride than to mix them together for the perfect watercolor blend? This power suit offers a subtle rainbow watercolor that is super pretty and versatile.

Whether you wear the pants and blazer together or separate, it is the perfect way to rock Pride year-round from brunch to the office.

2 The Perfect Summer T-Shirt

When it comes to a T-shirt, there is a lot of pressure to rep the right messages. Don’t just buy a band T from Zara, buy it from the source so that proper credit is given to the owner, and the same goes for T-shirts and merch that rise in popularity through Pride.

Rock your rainbows on your T-s, but make sure to support LGBTQ+ businesses.

1 Support LGBTQ+ Owned Fashion

Pride is about human rights and equality. For folks within the LGBTQ+ community, it is an opportunity to celebrate and for folks outside of the community it is a time to come out and be an ally.

But for all people, the idea of Pride is something to carry on year-round. Support LGBTQ+ businesses, including fashion and beauty. As Pride becomes more widely popular, picking brands that support LGBTQ+ folks year-long is a clear trend in the right direction.

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