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15 Fashion accessories for men who stress more on personal styling


Men are not lagging behind in the field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Men too love decking up with the great fashion accessories at hand. Be it rings, earrings, bracelets, neck pieces, neckties, caps or anything that trends makes their way to men’s closet. They take their very own personal style up a notch. Meanwhile, summer is here and people vouch for apparels and accessories that will suit their original style. And companies and brands have introduced great fashion accessories for men which will help them in being the best style inspiration for others this summer. 

Our top picks of fashion accessories for men

1. CLARA Real 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Band- Buy Now

2. Yellow Chimes Rings for Men Silver Chain Ring- Buy Now

3. U7 Men’s Vintage Gothic Biker Tiger Head Ring- Buy Now

4. Puma Men’s Baseball Cap- Buy Now

5. Adidas Unisex Cotton Cap- Buy Now

6. Royal Enfield Unisex-Adult Denim Cap- Buy Now

7. JAGDAMBA JEWELLERS High polish ROSE GOLD bracelet for men- Buy Now

8. Yellow Chimes Sterling-silver and Bracelet for Men- Buy Now

9. Aaishwarya Silver Chain Bracelet- Buy Now

10. Fas + Brass Loose Bracelet For Men- Buy Now

Hello gentlemen! The temperature is soaring but this summer you don’t have to compromise your style because you are soon going to own great fashion accessories that you can play with this summer or even throughout the year. 

In this article

1. Shopping list

2. Fashion accessories for men

A. Rings for men

B. Men’s caps

C. Bracelets for men 

3. Style advice for men

We have created a shopping list for you so that you can team up the best fashion accessories without much thought. 

Shopping list

Scroll down, tap on each listicle to see what they have for you and your personality to rock this summer without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Boot shoes 


Runnings shoes 

Formal shoes

Polo T-shirts

Hair styling products 

Best analog watches

Best digital watches

Best smart watches 

Best perfumes for men 

Once you have shopped all of your favorites, check out some alluring fashion accessories to complete your summer look in a jiffy. Believe us or not! These accessories will take your very own personal style up a notch. 

There is a wide range of fashion accessories for men introduced in the market because men too can’t keep calm when it comes to their style, appearance, personality, self image and body type. Today we will help all the gentlemen out there who wish to woo everyone around them in a minimalistic way. Let’s get started!

Here are a few hand picked accessories divided into three sections to make your “add to cart” experience a trouble free task. 

A. Rings for men

B. Men’s caps

C. Bracelets for men 

Buckle up to dive into the list of best fashion accessories for men! 

A. Rings for men

1. CLARA Real 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Band 

CLARA Real 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Band is studded with one Swiss Zirconia gemstone that is as good as diamond. The matte finish ring for men can be adjusted without any professional help. It has an anti-tarnish coating so the ring’s glory can be preserved for years to come. 

Why CLARA Real 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring Band?

This fashion accessory is comfortable, durable and budget friendly. The company also provides an authenticity certificate along with the product which also gives an additional assurance about the quality of the product.


Price: Rs. 2,998

Deal: Rs. 1,319

Buy Now

2. Yellow Chimes Rings for Men Silver Chain Ring 

This Yellow Chimes Rings for Men Silver Chain Ring is a stainless steel ring that is scratch resistant. It is a Cuban link band that is fashionable and trendy. The shine of this ring never fades away.

Why Yellow Chimes Rings for Men Silver Chain Ring?

This ring is stylish and a must have fashion accessory for men who love flaunting rings. The material of this ring doesn’t cause any harm to skin as it is nickel and lead free. 


Price: Rs. 1,828

Deal: Rs. 575

Buy Now

3. King Will Classic Men Black Tungsten Carbide Band Ring

King Will Classic Men Black Tungsten Carbide Band Ring is a matte finish ring and has a grooved centre. It has a smooth interior that brings you both elegance and comfort. It has a classic design that can match well with any of your outfits. 

Why King Will Classic Men Black Tungsten Carbide Band Ring?

This ring band has managed to gain 4.6 stars on Amazon out of 5. It is smooth yet weighty but doesn’t cause any discomfort. It fits perfectly and uplifts the personality of the wearer. 


Price: Rs. 2,245

Deal: Rs. 505

Buy Now

4. U7 Men’s Vintage Gothic Biker Tiger Head Ring

U7 Men’s Vintage Gothic Biker Tiger Head Ring is a stainless steel ring band. It is easy to maintain and comes in bright gold colour. The ring has an embossed tiger head. It is a roaring tiger that shows power and personality. The enamel plating creates a vintage look that is a perfect combination and the best choice for men.

Why U7 Men’s Vintage Gothic Biker Tiger Head Ring?

This ring is exclusively crafted with immense skills and techniques. The roaring tiger is a representative of men who are rebellious and wish to exhale similar vibes. It is a yellow gold plated ring that has an antique finish. 


Price: Rs. 2,100

Deal: Rs. 1,399

Buy Now

5. GIVA 925 Sterling Silver Black Ace Ring For Him

GIVA 925 Sterling Silver Black Ace Ring For Him is an adjustable ring created especially for men who are true fashionistas. It has a rhodium e-coat to prevent tarnish. It is one of the most trendiest fashion accessories for men that will help in laying some flawless style statements. 

Why GIVA 925 Sterling Silver Black Ace Ring For Him?

This ring is hypoallergenic and is also suitable for sensitive skin. This ring is a fashion piece that will amp up your overall personality within a blink of an eye. It is has managed to earn 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 


Price: Rs. 3,998

Deal: Rs. 2,069

Buy Now

1. Puma Men’s Baseball Cap

Puma Men’s Baseball Cap is a flat brim cap to round off your personality with ease. This cap is one such fashion accessory that will amp up the personality of men without paying heed to their quality of hair. The flat brim of this cap has a moisture wicking sweatband to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. 

Why Puma Men’s Baseball Cap?

The stitching details and logo print of this cap is worth the money. Stay stylish and comfortable is the motto of this cap for men. It has a velcro strap that is adjustable at the back. In addition, it is also neat and helps in adjusting the size of the cap. This cap also has a lot of air vents. 


Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 679

Buy Now

2. Adidas Unisex Cotton Cap 

This Adidas Unisex Cotton Cap is purly made from cotton to keep you comfortable and sweat free. Whether you are an athlete or fashionista, this cap is just perfect for you to flaunt it throughout the day. 

Why Adidas Unisex Cotton Cap?

The cap fits nicely and is adaptable via the front strap. It has a beautiful design that offers sheer comfort. It is convenient and practical. For those who have the cap fixation, we suggest that this should not be missing in your closet.


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 719

Buy Now

3. Royal Enfield Unisex-Adult Denim Cap

Royal Enfield Unisex-Adult Denim Cap comes in a dark navy colour. The dark shade ensures that there are no sweat patches on your cap. This cap is comfortable, trendy and goes well with any colour outfit. 

Why Royal Enfield Unisex-Adult Denim Cap?

The cap is comfortable and comes in a thick denim fabric. It is a must have cap for those who spend the majority of their day under the sun. With 4.4 out 5 stars of ratings, this cap will never disappoint you. 


Price: Rs. 800

Buy Now

4. Nike Men’s Celestine Blue

Nike Men’s Celestine Blue has a 6 panel crown and lightweight twill. The adjustable back strap also helps you to adjust the cap according to your needs and necessities. The embroidered eyelets are yet another feature that manages to attract large eyeballs. 

Why Nike Men’s Celestine Blue? 

This cap is made up from 63 percent of cotton and 35 percent of nylon. With 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this celestine blue cap has made its way to every man’s closet. 


Price: Rs. 1,195

Buy Now


5. Adidas Unisex Lt Camo Caps 

Adidas Unisex Lt Camo Caps is a must have if you are a fan of camouflage prints. And this cap will help you in elevating your love for such prints in a beautiful way. This cap is perfect for everyday use. It is durable and incorporates a sporty feeling. 

Why Adidas Unisex Lt Camo Caps?

The fabric of this cap is thin and light. This cap is a summer must have in order to beat the heat in utmost style. This cap will be your companion no matter what the weather is. 


Price: Rs. 1,499

Deal: Rs. 749

Buy Now


C. Bracelets for men 

1. JAGDAMBA JEWELLERS® High polish ROSE GOLD bracelet for men

Men usually need other fashion accessories to add on with their watch. And what’s better than a bracelet? This high polish rose gold bracelet for men has an openable design. It is oval in shape and a 18k rose gold plated kada. 

Why JAGDAMBA JEWELLERS® High polish ROSE GOLD bracelet for men?

This bracelet compliments every outfit, be it formal or ethnic. It has a Cubic Zirconia gemstone in the front that sparkles like a diamond. It has a push button clasp closure for easy on and off. 


Price: Rs. 2,499

Deal: Rs. 699

Buy Now

2. Yellow Chimes Sterling-silver and Bracelet for Men

Yellow Chimes Sterling-silver and Bracelet for Men is a real silver bracelet crafted especially for men. It comes with an impeccable shine and tarnish protection. It has an appropriate weight and an elegant design. 

Why Yellow Chimes Sterling-silver and Bracelet for Men?

This bracelet has a versatile pattern that compliments formal as well as traditional outfits. It is extremely light in weight that manages to add a dash of sparkle to your empty wrist. 


Price: Rs. 1,745

Deal: Rs. 1,499

Buy Now

3. Aaishwarya Silver Chain Bracelet 

This stainless steel bracelet is a 100 percent stainless steel bracelet that is 14 mm thick. It is a perfect wristband for men who love to stay fashionable in a minimalist way. It is a great choice of fashion accessory to wear at the office, outings or during parties.

Why Aaishwarya Silver Chain Bracelet? 

This chain bracelet is a must have. It will make you look like a dapper. This bracelet does not tarnish or get oxides with time rather it looks as new as possible even after everyday use. 


Price: Rs. 1,499

Deal: Rs. 659

Buy Now

4. Fas + Brass Loose Bracelet For Men

This bracelet is a premium guaranteed gold and silver chrome plated bracelet. It is adjustable and highly durable. The finely crafted piece has a glossy silver rhodium and 18k gold colour plating which imparts a very classy and rich feel.

Why Fas + Brass Loose Bracelet For Men? 

This bracelet has an alluring touch of gold and silver. It has managed to earn 4.3 out of 5 stars due to its top notch finishing and soft feel. The bracelet is sleek and rests on the wrist without causing any discomfort.


Price: Rs. 2,100

Deal: Rs. 599

Buy Now

5. Zivom® Black Braided Leather Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet for Men

This bracelet is a very stylish combination of gold plated chain accents in the centre that are crafted with 316L grade surgical steel and handcrafted braided leather. It is a black in colour and soft yet durable. 

Why Zivom® Black Braided Leather Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet for Men? 

This bracelet has a magnetic clasp that helps you to put on and off the bracelet with ease. It has a stand out design and a perfect finish to wear it throughout the day. 


Price: Rs. 2,780

Deal: Rs. 834

Buy Now

Fashion accessories for men are crafted according to the needs and necessities of a fashion enthusiast man. Right from earrings to watches, men need everything perfect. In this contemporary era, men do not compromise when it comes to styling. With the best grooming devices and tools lying in the kitty, these fashion accessories will be a cherry on the cake. So which fashion accessory is going to make its way to your cart? We can’t wait to see you flaunting these fashion accessories in utmost style. With these accessories at your hands you can be a style inspiration for the rest of the world. 

Style advice for men

Hello Gentlemen! Are you wondering how you can uplift your overall self image, personality and fashion statement? Here is some advice for men who wish to take their style statement up a level. Scroll down and check it out without much ado. 

1. Always be minimalist when it comes to fashion accessories. 

2. Try to compliment your waist belt, watch and other accessories like bracelets so that you look subtle yet stylish.

3. Choose the right pair of shoes or flip flops that will elevate your overall look of the day. 

4. Do not feel lazy to match and complement everything that you choose to wear for the day. 

5. Dress according to the weather as well as the occasion. 

6. Choose apparels that suit your body type. 

7. If you are slim, wear clothes that will hide your original body type. Do not wear extremely body hugging clothes or accessories. 

8. Always pick style cues the way they are. 

9. Keep a check on your comfort levels and flexibility. 

10. Stay away from allergic fashion accessories or fabric. 

These style advice for men will surely transform their attire from drab to fab. It is not only the time to revamp your fashion accessories but also your closet. Add some versatile and distinctive bracelets, rings and caps to turn heads around in amazement. When it comes to fashion, men and women are at the same level. Gone is the time when men used to ponder and own minimum fashion accessories and clothes. Today, men have managed to become big fashion addicts and lay down some hot styles. 


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