May 18, 2024


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Best customizations to get in Oodies for USA trip

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Customisable oodies are the trendiest clothing items you can get your hands on. Just imagine wearing your favourite design or your dream vacation spot on your sweatshirt blanket and then visiting the place. Sounds crazy!

Oodies can be customised in various prints without any additional charges. Most of the Oodies brands allow their customers to customise shapes, sizes, as well as prints. Even if a certain brand does not offer free customisation, a very nominal fee has to be paid for making an exceptional print on your blanket sweatshirt. Here are our suggestions on the customisations that you should get on your blanket sweatshirts if you are visiting the United States of America.

1. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in America is not only a tourist attraction but a representation of the states in a statue. If you are planning to visit the states, the coolest way to wear your blanket sweatshirt is to get it customised with the print of the Statue of Liberty. The best combination would be white statue printed on a blue backdrop. You can also get this customised oodie with a hood and enjoy your vacations.

2. A Plain Blue Oodie

One of the most common and classy ways to get a customisation for your trip to the states is getting a plain blue blanket sweatshirt and wearing it everywhere you go in the states. It is the most catchy and beautiful customisation which could be done in an oodie blanket without any additional charges.

3. Disney Customisations

The Walt Disney World resort in Orlando is also a top vacation spot in the USA. You can get your blanket sweatshirt printed with any of the Disney characters and get lost in this different world. This is the best oodie alternative to wear in the Disney world resort. Just imagine getting your pictures with Mickey while wearing a mickey mouse printed oodie.

4. The Hollywood Oodie

If you are a fan of Hollywood or movies in general this idea is for you and your giant blanket sweatshirt. Get the word “Hollywood ” printed on a white plain oodie blanket with a hood and look your best self. You can also get this customization done in various colors and fonts. Do not forget to click a picture while wearing a similar oodie blanket resembling the famous Hollywood sign on the mountain. This is definitely going to rock your social media.

While a customized design is a very personalized choice, you could definitely consider the above mentioned oodie customizations for saving some time. These are the most famous spots in the USA and wearing an oodie blanket with resembling prints will make you look different from all the tourists. These are really easy and trendy customizations that could be done without burning a hole in your pocket. If you still haven’t got your sweatshirt blanket customized for the trip, do it right away. You can definitely thank us later.