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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF December 12 – 1 8, 2022

You may feel torn between two very different desires on Wednesday, December 14, so plan to be gentle with yourself! The self-directed Sun is spinning through spontaneous Sagittarius, which SOUNDS like it could make for one lively month! But it’s powered down in your introspective twelfth house and turning your thoughts to your own interests, especially those of a creative or spiritual nature. On Hump Day, el Sol clashes with the archetypal ruler of the twelfth house, hazy Neptune, who’s whooping it up in your social and outgoing third. While part of you is more than happy to say, “Yes, please!” to every fun-sounding invite that crosses your inbox, another side (the dutiful and subdued Sea Goat) feels compelled to bang out one last deadline and just queue up a high-minded documentary—at home, alone.

But this disconnect between the Sun and foggy Neptune in your communication zone suggests maybe you’re not missing out on much at all! Perhaps that super-fun-sounding gathering has come apart in real time, or two people in the posse are at odds and the vibe is tense. Pay attention to this and ALL important exchanges today. It might wind up just being a minor misunderstanding, but if you’re even considering investing money or contributing your talent, you need to be 100 percent sure of the integrity of the people and conditions. Your time is far too precious to squander on someone’s delusion.

Wanderlust gets stirred on Friday as a quarter moon in Virgo activates your ninth house of travel and adventure and triggers an itch that may be hard to scratch! If your work-personal life balance is anything but equal, you might be extra eager to jet off to… almost anywhere! With the approaching holidays—and high-season prices already in effect—a dreamy trip may be totally out of the question. But you can still find vicarious ways to sate your thirst. And they don’t have to break the bank or put you in imminent danger. Two easy shifts that can make life feel more stimulating: Delegate any and all tasks your heart’s not in. Even if you have to shell out some money, your peace of mind is well worth it!


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Next, make some intentional changes to your schedule and cast of characters. Stay in when you’d usually go out, and on those nights when you’d normally just come home and veg out, don’t! Surely there’s some holiday-themed event happening if you poke around. And when your high-maintenance pals start pinging with “SOS” calls, let them go to voicemail. That’s the best way to avoid enabling them and to give the implicit message that you have confidence in their ability to work this out—without you!

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