July 22, 2024


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Entrepreneurial Latinas empower Latino fashion in the U.S.


Three Latina entrepreneurs and travelers created My Pipl, a fashion platform that showcases and empowers Latino-made fashion in the United States.

Diva Lomas, 37, Linda Waisbord, 47, and Catherine Bachelier, 52, promote trendy handmade clothing, accessories, and jewelry from Mexico, but they hope to continue expanding to let people experience other cultures through fashion.

The San Diegan residents first launched My Pipl in December of 2021 and since then have been traveling Latin America to find new fashion brands to share in the U.S.

The entrepreneurs are starting by showcasing in cities where there is a significant population of Latinos, like San Diego. Still, they hope to expand in every state and then nationally with products from all Latin America.

My Pipl will have its second pop-up, Color Pop Up Shop, in Nordstrom in Fashion Valley from Thursday, March 31 through Sunday, April 3, with Mexican designers Shuviluna, UNO MAS UNO MAS and BLOBB Rings.

Waisbord says that many of the brands they are working with want to be promoted in this country but do not always have the opportunity or resources to do it. Being able to help those creators and encourage diversity in the fashion industry is what inspired these women to create My Pipl.

My Pipl co-founders Linda Waisbord, Catherine Bachelier and Diva Lomas.

My Pipl’s mission is to recognize and develop business opportunities for Latino creative talent in the United States.

( My Pipl)

“We can also show people here in the States [U.S.] of the beauty, creativity, design, and high quality that is being made all around the world,” Waisbord said.

She adds this is a personal project for her because of her Mexican roots and because she is passionate about sharing what the Latin American culture represents.

Lomas also says she wanted to create a platform where the authenticity of Latin America is promoted because it’s a culture that still creates handmade products and unique artifacts.

“We believe that this platform should be a push for that new talent”, said Lomas.

She emphasizes that when buying from a well-known expensive brand, the consumer is buying the brand, not the uniqueness of the product. On the other hand, Lomas says that the merchandise My Pipl promotes is genuinely unique because it’s not coming from a mold or machines.

Bachelier says this is not just an opportunity for other cultures to see what Latino fashion is but also for Latinos to see what their own culture creates.

“I also want Latinos, not just other people, to see the beauty of other cultures […] I want them also to appreciate and be proud of what we are showing that represents their culture.”

My Pipl believes the essential aspect of a product is its story, and that is what this project is based on.

My Pipl co-founders

My Pipl co-founders.

( My Pipl)

“I think people are craving something different, something more artistic, something with a story, and I think that’s what we’re providing”, said Bachelier.

The entrepreneurs say they are grateful to Nordstrom because this is the first company that opened its doors to them but are working to have other department stores and companies be interested in the fashion they are showcasing.

“I would love for everybody to stop by and see”, said Waisbord. “You don’t even have to buy anything. You just have to come and support,” said Waisbord.

More on the brands and information about their next pops can be found on their Instagram or Facebook @mypipl.shop.

More information on the brands:

UNO MAS UNO MAS Is an emerging Mexican designer with self-proclaimed artisanal “disruptive jewelry.” Known for their gender-neutral function, they are changing how we all look at expressing ourselves with jewelry.

Shuviluna is a leather accessories brand focused on the design of high-grade collections. Their collections are 100 percent designed and made in Mexico.

BLOOB is making rings with resin that she sculpts and enhances with perfectly cut gems. Unlike conventional jewelry, the creator does not use molds, making each piece unique.

Lopez is a freelance writer.


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