July 22, 2024


Everyday Fashion

Kevin Love Knows That Low-Key Fits Can Still Stand Out in the Tunnel

NBA stadiums across the country are home to a steady stream of hyped-up sneakers, designer threads, and totally dripped-out accessories. The pre-game tunnel walk has become the go-to place to stunt, and the professional hoopers do not disappoint. While the Russell Westbrooks and Devin Bookers of the league deliver flashy fashion in spades, one player brings a quieter style to the tunnel. Enter Kevin Love, the Cleveland Cavaliers star whose low-key outfits will never be the most striking—but are pretty great especially because they’re so mellow.

Love was in New York City for a game against the Knicks this week, and he leaned heavily into the city’s vibes, wearing a coveted “NY” knit sweater from Aimé Leon Dore with dark-washed denim and crisp Air Force Ones. (The unofficial sneaker of New York.) It was just the latest in a string of understated yet elegant fits. Love keeps it simple and sharp: a tonal suit of modest proportions, a casual monochromatic look with a dashing overcoat, a flannel jacket over a black hoodie and skinny black jeans. (It’s clear that Love remains loyal to the slim cut.) And he’ll change things up again every once in a while, wearing his go-to knit with a leather moto jacket and gray trousers. (It’s safe to say that he loves a good sweater.) 

Now, you won’t catch Love decked out in Marni’s vibrantly colored mohair or Chrome Hearts’ cross-covered jeans like other NBA stars. He’s in his mid-30s with well over a decade in the league; it tracks that he isn’t dressing with the flash and pizzazz of a hotshot rookie with plenty to prove. It’s clear that he knows what he likes when it comes to clothes, too; there is a quiet confidence in all of his looks. Kevin Love is sticking to his sartorial guns, rather than being swept up by the trendy tornado of designer fashion—and his personal style is all the better for it.