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The Filipino fashion scene is as vibrant as ever with our local designers churning out collections that can rival the catwalks of fashion capitals in terms of innovation and style. The Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival held in Okada Manila last March 30 was a showcase of such. Catch this Preview Exclusive re-run of the impressive fashion show from PMFF Day 1. Enjoy your exclusive front row seat to the latest from designers: Renan Pacson, Marc Rancy, Daryl Maat, R.A.F., Azucar, Camlu, and Aranaz. Music: Smash by Pavel Prakapovich Like what you see? Make sure you subscribe to our channel and like this video! Want more Exclusives? Binge-watch the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj7QBg_-BdUkaBmnPTlPgO_pa2UKezgmb For more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content, head on over to www.preview.ph! Follow us on our social media! ➤ FB: facebook.com/previewph.summitmedia ➤ IG: @previewph ➤ Twitter: @previewph