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TikTok Fashion That Is Bound To Go Viral This Summer


TikTok is a trendsetting app not just for lifestyle and community, but for fashion. From the viral corset tops that are ruling fashion now, to specific pieces like the Zara straight leg jeans or the Bershka trousers, the kinds of clothes and epic buys are constantly changing via TikTok. 

With summer just within reach, you can expect fashion accounts to be creating lots of content for this season’s hottest trends. Coachella was a peek into festival and summer clothes including lots of crochet, two-piece sets and bright colors and patterns.

Check out these trends that are on their way to going viral this summer, and be the one to wear them first.


Crochet Details

From the Coachella music festival unveiling crochet as a huge trend this season to seeing all of the different ways to add it to your wardrobe, get ready for finding your perfect pieces.

Something to keep in mind with this trend is crochet is not necessarily cool, it can feel like knitting and even make you feel hot which is not ideal for summer weather. Be picky with the crochet that you add to your wardrobe, make sure it is light and feels breezy instead of trapping heat.

You don’t want to be wearing a sweater, just a light layer. A fun way to add crochet and not have to worry about overheating is via a bucket hat or purse, you can even make it your goal to make it yourself. Although crochet dresses, skirts, shirts and pants are going to be super trendy.

Bright Orange

How many times have you seen orange be viewed as the worst color in a ’90s movie? It does not have a history of being a favorite, but all of a sudden it is the must-have color for fashion and accessories. Bold colors in general are trending, so why not orange?

It is even trending to wear bright orange from head to toe, yes a three-piece suit with orange heels and a bag, and maybe orange sunglasses. If you are feeling bold and loving the orange trend, go all out because everyone else is.

For the folks who need to ease into it, start by just styling one orange piece, either orange shoes or an orange satin mini-skirt and work your way up as this color is here to stay.

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Oversized Stripped Button-Downs

This trend has been a long time coming with the popularity of oversized shirts, and it isn’t straying that far from the current trend but it is taking it a bit further.

Get a preppy look with an oversized button-down that either has a light blue and white stripe, or possibly the same pattern with another pastel color. This trend is being called coastal grandma, think of any Diane Lane movie or something that a ’90s movie character might wear if they are just chilling at home.

Tube Tops

Tube tops are back which might not sound that revolutionary, did they ever actually go out of style? Not really, but you will see lots of strapless this summer. From basic tube tops to some fun cutouts and even crochet? It is possible.

If you are really leaning into the trend take a strapless dress for a spin.

Chunky Mules

If you don’t own a pair of mules yet, this is your sign that it is the right time to buy. From the slender barely-there look, which is still trending, to the newer chunky mule trend. If you are stuck between a barely there and a chunky look, think about how you will wear the shoes. Can you wear them to work? Are they comfortable? In general, the chunky ones might be easier to walk in, but they also weigh more.

Hands down for a fresh summer shoe trend, go for the chunky mules as they are bound to go viral on TikTok any moment. Choose a bright color to match your favorite mini-purse. 

Plisse Everything

Satin may be the ruling fabric and don’t worry it isn’t going anywhere, and linen is always a summer favorite, but say hello to the newest summer fabric trend: plisse.

Plisse is breezy, comfortable and elegant making it perfect for your capsule closet. A Plisse two-piece is the perfect summer outfit for any occasion, including an outfit you can wear to work or style separately for more outfit choices.

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Gas Station Sun Glasses

This is a controversial trend, but you will love it once you get into it: gas station glasses, literally these are the glasses that you can buy at the gas station.

The next few times that you go and fill up your tank, go inside and check out the sunglasses rack. It might take a few trips to find a pair that really catches your eye, but think of it as a hidden gem when you do for the best price.

Flowers, Mushrooms & Butterflies Oh My

Lots of natural details are trending this summer from butterflies and ladybugs to daisies, flowers and even mushrooms.

The natural elements are perfect for channeling summer vibes, picking your player wisely and creating a cutesy aesthetic with natural details. Add them to any of these trends that are on the cusp of going viral on TikTok.

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