June 25, 2024


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10 older Australian fashion bloggers to follow for great style insights


For the best daily dose of fashion inspiration for older women, allow yourself to be influenced by these style trendsetters.

Fifi Milne | @shopwithfifi

Why you should follow her:

Fifi Milne is an expert stylist, personal shopper, and former editor for Vogue and Instyle. She’s been in the fashion industry long enough to understand how the trend cycle works, making her a master of putting looks together. Fifi is all about minimalist chic and is absolutely brilliant at pairing staple wardrobe pieces that you can rotate for all occasions. Plus, she tells her followers exactly how to style each piece and where she purchases each item from.


Jo Harvey Graham | @50sowhatofficial

Why you should follow her:

Jo Harvey Graham is a Sydney-based fashion influencer who oozes effortless Australian style. Originally from New Zealand, she’s led a busy life following fashion, travel and lifestyle trends – these days offering her expert styling advice to the 50-plus population. Having triumphed over the anxiety that plagued her into her forties, she is now inspiring other mid-lifers to live their best fashionable life too. 


Jenny Kee AO |@jennykeeoz

Why you should follow her:

Jenny Kee AO is a pioneer of Australian style and an internationally acclaimed artist and designer, whose vibrant art and design reflect her passion for the unique and precious Australian environment. She’s a great style inspiration for older women who love wearing clothing with a mix of eccentric patterns and pops of colour.


Karen Suzanne | @styleloving2

Why you should follow her:

For those fans of a classic look with a boho twist, look no further than Karen Suzzane’s account. This stylish grandma’s page is showing women that age and size shouldn’t stop you from having fun with fashion. Her account also features try-on hauls and fashion finds from brands like Witchery, French Connection, and Sussan. She even showcases her Target fashion finds and gives you tips on how to style your outfits if you’re a shorter and curvier woman.


Barb | @barb_styling

Why you should follow her:

Sydney-based Barb is another fun fashion blogger who regularly uploads colourful, chic, outfits on her profile. A lover of linen and thrift shopping, Barb gives her followers a thorough rundown of her outfits as well as styling tips you can easily follow. Barb truly has a knack for combining on-trend and timeless pieces together.


Violeta Zuvela | @violeta.zuvela

Why you should follow her:

Violeta Zuvela aka A Stylish Age is a Melbourne-based grandmother and model who is all about ageing naturally. Not only is she a massive supporter of affordable Australian retailers but she encourages women to find their personal style on whatever budget, to express themselves, and not to let age or other conditions get in the way of their dreams. Violeta is guaranteed to supply you with endless inspiration for your next chic outfit.


Melinda | @chroniclesofmk

Why you should follow her:

Effortless chic comes in the form of Brisbane-based podcaster and fashion influencer Melinda. If you’re a fan of modern looks with the splash of prints and colour, then Melinda is someone worth following. She shows her followers you can still look simple and elegant without looking overdressed or trying too hard.


Leslie Crawford | @lesliehasmanyhats

Why you should follow her:

Leslie Crawford is a stylist, trendsetter, Instagram personality and arguably one of Australia’s best-dressed women. Her Instagram account is also home to many fabulously bright and colourful outfits. She has a passion for recycled and designer outfits and describes her style as “adventurous and definitely experimental”.  Leslie’s wardrobe consists of colourful eye-popping Easton Pearson dresses, vintage kimonos, Carla Zampatti blouses, turbans and oversized beanies.


Lou Forbes | @silversista

Why you should follow her:

As per Lou‘s website, “as an over 50, silver-haired model and actress, Lou is passionate about age positivity, diversity and inclusivity being represented across all mediums and challenges the stereotype that ​older women ​are no longer sexy, glamorous or vibrant in our community”. Lou uses her Instagram account to showcase a range of looks, embraces her natural grey locks, and wants to show women over 50 that you can still be sexy and not have to be stereotyped as a grandma knitting booties.


Jan Wild | @retiring_not_shy

Why you should follow her:

Jan Wild is all about style rather than fast fashion trends. She rocks an edgy silver bob and has a certain relaxed-style chic. One of the best elements of Jan’s style is that she has a lot of affordable pieces that you can easily wear over and over again. Based on the Sunshine Coast, this model and influencer shows us that life only gets better- and more fun- as time goes by.

And there you have it! The 10 women are using Instagram’s potential to help older women accept themselves as they are and bust the myth that older women are no longer interested in looking stylish.


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