June 25, 2024


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How to shop and style your summer denim


With endless style options these days, finding the perfect pair of jeans is less about what’s on trend, and more about what works for you.

WOODMERE, Ohio — 3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams says finding the right pair of jeans is often the biggest style challenge facing the clients she works with at The Wardrobe Consultant.

“Denim is really such a sore subject for so many women. It is hard to find denim you like, it’s hard to find denim that’s comfortable, but yet it’s something we’re wearing all the time,” she explained.

And finding that perfect pair can be a commitment.

“Doing a jean try on is maybe worse than going to the dentist for many, many people,” Abrams said. “So you need to sort of get yourself ready for it. Know that you’re gonna have to try on a lot of styles and a lot of sizes.”

But with endless style options, these days, finding the perfect pair is less about what’s on trend, and more about what works for you.

“It is very, very personal and people take their denim very personally,” Abrams said. “I joke that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.”

Hallie says, despite recent headlines, the classic skinny jean isn’t necessarily out – but now is a great time to invest in updated styles.

“It will always be around, but you also don’t want to only have one shape in your closet. So I call it diversifying your denim wardrobe.”

Hallie brought 3News cameras to EverEve at Eton Chagrin Boulevard to check out a variety of styles and price points.

First up… a straight-cut pair on Hallie’s daughter Maggie. Hallie says, this style is sometimes also called a “stovepipe” – this style is fitted to the knee, then falls straight to the ankle.

“This is by a brand called Edwin,” she explained. “And one of the great things about Edwin is it’s fully sustainable.”

And while Maggie paired her denim with a cropped sweatshirt, a look perfect for the Gen Z in your life, Hallie says, there are ways to style this pair at any age.

“It’s sort of a mid-rise so if I was gonna wear this jean, I would not crop my shirt.”

Hallie added sneakers to Maggie’s look but says this style also works well with sandals and even boots – and says, this style is a versatile and accessible option for many.

“If you’re trying to get out of the skinny denim trend…this is a great way to start.”

Next up, it was time to go a little bolder with a wide-leg style from denim brand Citizens of Humanity on model Lexi.

“Lexi is six feet tall and very statuesque… [and] it’s hard sometimes to find a denim that has the right inseam,” she said. 

Hallie says, proportion is important factor in making this look work for you.

“When you have a wider leg denim…it’s important to define the waist. We did put a kimono over it, which also it balances it, but if her shirt was out [and covering her waist], it wouldn’t give the same effect. The other really cool thing about this kimono is that on the side it has a really high slit. So again…it’s still creating a long line.”

Hallie says the raw edge on this pair makes it easy to adjust for all heights – simply cut the bottom to your desired length – but if you’re on the shorter side, you might want to give this next look a try.

“What we did with [our model] Marsha is [style her in what] they call a “mom jean.” So it’s in between…it’s moving away from the skinny jeans, but not quite as wide as what Lexi was wearing.”

That’s right – the mom jean is back, and its better than ever.

“These are [from a brand called] Kut from the Kloth,” Abrams explained. “It’s a more reasonably priced denim. There’s usually a lot of stretch in it, which is great. It makes it comfortable.”

In this look, Hallie pointed out the juxtaposition of the more casual jeans with a dressier blouse.

“If there are holes in the jeans, upping the fanciness of the top makes it work really nicely,” she said. “It’s lightweight. I love that it has a little ruffle around the collar and then a V [neckline]. So it works perfectly for adding jewelry. And then additionally, we added a little yellow jean jacket.”

But when it comes to styling jean jackets with jeans, Hallie says there are a few tips to keep in mind.

“The easy way to do it is to make sure that your jacket and your denim are not the same, a colored like this yellow colored denim jacket works….if you do a white denim jacket or a colored denim jacket, it works really nicely with blue jeans.”

“The wash on this denim, is great for summer months because it feels lighter and brighter than a very dark denim. However, i think it would look equally fabulous with like a black cashmere sweater and boots in the winter.”

Whether you’re shopping for summer styles or a pair to wear all year… Hallie says great jeans can be worth the investment.

“I’m a big fan of cost per wear, which is basically taking the cost of the piece, dividing it by the amount of times they’re gonna wear it,” she said. “I think if you are trying out a trend and you’re not sure about it, sometimes go a little cheaper….and then if you say, hey, I really like wearing this boot cut, this stovepipe, or this boyfriend [style], then you can go and try something that you’re gonna invest in a little more.”


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