September 25, 2023


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I’m a fashion pro – my 5 ‘timeless style’ outfit ideas will help you look chic at any age


NO matter what age you might be, you have the freedom to dress as cute and stylish as you want to.

One woman just revealed five styling tips women can keep up with no matter how old they are.

Fashion expert Kelly McCoyd shares her settling tips on TikTok


Fashion expert Kelly McCoyd shares her settling tips on TikTokCredit: TikTok / kellymccoyd
Knowing about undertones is important in the world of fashion, she says


Knowing about undertones is important in the world of fashion, she saysCredit: TikTok / kellymccoyd

TikToker and fashion expert Kelly McCoyd posted a video focused on timeless fashion.


The first tip on Kelly’s list is to get knowledgeable about undertones.

She says: “Know your undertones. Choose colors and tones that are naturally flattering to you.

“This is also true for neutral colors. Your undertone is key for choosing complementary tons.”

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Wearing tailored clothing can really change and improve your wardrobe.

“Opt for pieces with tailored lines and classic silhouettes for guaranteed timeless and ageless style,” Kelly says.

In her video, she models a green dress that has been tailored to fit her curves perfectly.


Next, Kelly talks about the importance of feeling good in the outfits you choose.

She says: “Don’t succumb to trends that leave you uncomfortable. Feeling confident in what you’re wearing is crucial.”

The more confident you feel in the outfit you’re wearing, the better you’ll look in the eyes of others.


Adding accessories to your outfit can make your overall appearance so much better.

“Don’t forget your accessories. Timeless basics are quickly elevated by those finishing details.”

Kelly talks about the importance of wearing accessories


Kelly talks about the importance of wearing accessoriesCredit: TikTok / kellymccoyd

Some of the accessories Kelly includes in her video are sunglasses, a purse, and a scarf.

Although accessories might be easily forgotten by some, they’ll contribute to your timeless appearance.


Kelly’s last piece of advice is to avoid overcomplicating your outfits.

She says: “When in doubt, simple is best. Keep a ‘less is more’ mentality for achieving effortless style.”

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The example outfit she’s wearing in the video is a basic denim top paired with denim pants and heels.

She also adds a pair of black sunglasses with a white purse to complete the look.


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