June 25, 2024


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I’m a fashion pro – these five style mistakes are making you look frumpy and old


WE ALL want to look a bit younger.

But even if looking like a Love Island contestant isn’t your goal, there are still fashion rules you should follow, or you risk looking frumpy.

The length of your trousers could be making you look extra frumpy


The length of your trousers could be making you look extra frumpyCredit: YouTube
Loud prints can make you look out of proportion


Loud prints can make you look out of proportionCredit: YouTube

Wardrobe stylist and fashion whizz Erin Busbee shared some of the common mistakes women make that are making them look less than chic.

She explained in a YouTube video that her goal was to help people look less old and out of proportion.

Ditch the three quarter length trousers

You should avoid these at all costs, according to Erin, she explained: “Literally anything cropped on your legs is going to shorted your frame.”

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If you want to look taller, a longer legged trouser is the way to go.

But, if you just can’t get enough of the breeze on your ankles you can wear trousers that cut off where your legs begin to narrow towards your ankles.

“You don’t want to wear a pair of pants were the hemline falls on the widest part of your calf.”

Avoid bold prints

“When you’re trying to look modern, sophisticated and as slim as possible you want to avoid a loud print,” the fashion lover said.

Avoid garish prints and instead stick to prints that are more subtle.

Erin recommended dainty polka dots over large floral designs.

No nude stockings

“I get it”, the pro said, “A lot of us don’t feel comfortable showing our legs.”

She explained: “Kate Middleton can do it, she pulls it off beautifully, but it’s also something she has to do.”

But if you don’t have to wear them, avoid them and opt for black sheer tights if possible.

Of course, if you feel comfortable go stocking free, just moisturise your legs.

Consider sleeve length

When buying clothes, the sleeve length is something that you might not pay much attention to, only really noticing if it’s got long or short sleeves.

But there are loads of options in-between, and some of them are going to make you look less than your best.

Capped sleeves are going to make even the smallest arms look bigger than they really are.

Instead, opt for something more lose fitting that falls lower down on your arm.

Don’t forget the details

If you’re trying to make your frame look smaller, avoid anything with pocket or details on the hips.

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Erin said: “All it does is add volume to an area of a woman’s body that traditionally we don’t want to add volume to.”

Instead, opt for something that has details on the waist line, that will highlight the smallest part of your torso.

The wrong sleeve length can make your arms look massive


The wrong sleeve length can make your arms look massiveCredit: YouTube
Nude stockings will always make you look old


Nude stockings will always make you look oldCredit: YouTube
Draw attention to the right areas


Draw attention to the right areasCredit: YouTube


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