June 21, 2024


Everyday Fashion

Kate Middleton Didn’t ‘Elevate Her Style Game’ for a Long Time to Create a Certain Image — Commentator


TL; DR: 

  • Kate Middleton’s style includes a mix of designer clothing and more affordable brands.
  • A royal commentator says Kate Middleton didn’t change how she dressed for years, which “lent a sort of authenticity.” 
  • Only after cultivating an “every girl image” did Kate Middleton up her “style game.” 

Kate Middleton’s style is followed closely. What she wore during Platinum Jubilee weekend received scrutiny. So did her decision to wear a hat at Wimbledon. According to a royal commentator, the Duchess of Cambridge’s style is the result of a carefully curated “every girl image” that slowly changed to include expensive designer items. 


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