October 3, 2023


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My everyday beauty: Victoria Barbara


Luxury fashion influencer, model and philanthropist Victoria Barbara is a must-follow for chic street style as well as elegant make-up and hairstyle inspiration.

Born in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents, Barbara now lives in the Hollywood Hills where she filmed this video for Harper’s Bazaar, demonstrating her cherished day-to-day beauty products.

victoria barbara

Jacopo M. RauleGetty Images

The fashion week regular has learnt the importance of an active skincare routine from her facialist – founder of Skin Design London, Fatma Shaheen – and Barbara credits this brand for having transformed her skin. “I’ve seen amazing difference in my skin, as far as texture is concerned,” she explains, “and very fine lines have diminished, a much tighter feel altogether, especially around my jawline”. No wonder she is “obsessed”.

When it comes to her off-duty “‘no make-up’ make-up look”, Barbara forgoes foundation instead opting for carefully placed Le Correcteur de Chanel Longwear Concealer, and uses her Hourglass Vanish Blush Stick (in shade Devoted) in three ways. As she shows, first it acts as her blush, then she uses it as an eyeshadow, and finally to tint her lips. “Look how pretty this is,” she says, making us want to try it immediately.

barbara victoria sighting

Jacopo M. RauleGetty Images

She shares other tips and tricks, too, from her “tap, tap, tap” facial massage technique to how she uses her RMS Beauty lip liner to craft a more “cupid’s” bow lip shape.

Watch Barbara’s full routine in the video above, and enjoy more of her fashion, beauty and travel content on her blog.

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