June 21, 2024


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Bottega Veneta Salon 03 Pairs Workwear Looks With High Fashion


On the heels of its show in Berlin last April, Bottega Veneta staged its Salon 03 presentation at The Firehouse in Detroit to be close to the city’s techno roots.

Models strutted down the runway in athleisure and workwear-inspired looks before a slew of celebrities in the front row. Among these 55 looks that encapsulate creative director Daniel Lee’s mastery in fashion, there was a plethora of ensembles that saw an unorthodox albeit avant-garde finishing.

Placing technicality and function at the core, Bottega Veneta employed fabrications wired with innovative metal yarn, resulting in a juxtaposition of luxury and disorder. Nodding at industrial looks, uniforms and workwear tapped on resinated metal twill, a combination of metal nylon twill with the maisonʼs metal yarn of the season.

Seen live and digitally on Bottega Veneta’s official site, the pieces glistened and provided kinetic dimensionality. The innate qualities of the textile readily gave structure and volume to the looks, contributing a contemporary transformation to the oversized trend.

Luxury & Disorder

For the sportswear-inspired pieces, the Italian luxury house used a lightweight technical metal double textile that featured steel yarn twisted with cotton, and double knitted for a crinkled effect. Breaking boundaries and antiquated fashion rules, this style upended the fashion stigma that crinkled equates sloppiness.

Elsewhere, the double mouline Intreccio took centre stage. On technical co-ordinates and comfortable sweatsuits, this textile saw two contrasting colours knitted together for a mouline aspect, as well as featured two stitches that were combined to create a reimagined interpretation of the iconic Intrecciato weave.

Just when we thought the signature tessellation couldn’t be replicated in other mediums, the Salon 03 collection from Bottega Veneta proved otherwise.

(All images: Bottega Veneta)

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