July 22, 2024


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BRANDS explores 2021 men’s fashion trends

BRANDS provide value-for-money products that meet the current fashion trends
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Dubai: The New Year has arrived bringing with it hope and vibrant vibes. This harmony has hopped onto the world of fashion! The industry took a sharp turn as a result of its heavy influence from the pandemic. The stay-at-home environment impacted the fashion agenda and for once, was driven by the consumer as opposed to the monopolized saturated establishments. World culture influenced the current and upcoming trends.

If one statement highlights BRANDS’s upcoming fashion philosophy, it would be functionability, simplicity and comfortability. The pandemic instigated a shift in the customer’s purchasing pattern which leaned more towards value for money which is BRANDS’s key mission and objective. The market asked for fashionable, comfortable yet cost-effective clothing which BRANDS provided and will continue to provide. Wrinkle-free clothing has increased in demand. The market has shifted towards a less formal and more casual approach. BRANDS accommodates the market by providing comfortable and smart casual blazers, bomber jackets and checkered shirts by serving a classic and fashionable aesthetic, yet not neglecting cozy and comfortable design. The market is moving towards fairly simple designs and fabrics which allow consumers to mix and match clothing freely. BRANDS allows its customers to experience this functionality though it’s classic and wide collection of formal and casual clothing.

Image Credit: Supplied

With Covid-19 imposing restrictions on social events, trends and consumer purchasing behaviour, it was vital for BRANDS to introduce change in their collections and prices to survive. Restrictions for parties, weddings and other formal gatherings denoted a need to introduce compelling deals which can act as an impetus for driving sales. This rationalises the numerous advertisements which took place on social media within the last six months introducing constant new offers and deals for the product line-up, especially formal suits which are the cornerstone of BRANDS.

Prior to and during the current conditions, BRANDS ensures that they provide value for money products which not only meet the current fashion trends, but satisfy customers through quality and style. This compliments their vision which focuses on expanding BRANDS stores to 10 new locations across MENA in the upcoming two years.

Along the following, BRANDS stays true to its statement which highlights that good fashion doesn’t have to be expensive! With such underlying focus, BRANDS celebrates new years with great offers and deals and hopes for a better year full of prosperity, fashion and style.

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